Friday, January 26, 2007

Big buzz for Kevin's Super Bowl commercial

Ex-Britney Beau Kevin Federline May Not Sell Albums, but He Sure Drives Major Pre-Super Bowl Ad Buzz
Nielsen BuzzMetrics to Measure Buzz Dividends of Super Bowl 2007 Advertisers

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 25, 2007 -- While Kevin Federline's inaugural CD sputtered in music sales, his recent reincarnation as Super Bowl ad pitchman is all the rage in pre-game advertising buzz, according to online word-of-mouth measurement firm Nielsen BuzzMetrics.

Among total blog posts related to 2007 Super Bowl advertising, Federline -- also known as "K-Fed" -- is leading the discussion thanks to his recently announced role as pitchman for Nationwide Insurance. In the seven-day period ending January 21, 2007, K-Fed buzz around Super Bowl advertising represented 26% of all blog conversations related to Super Bowl advertising, and fully 49% on January 17.

"Sometimes the counter-intuitive or 'campy' choice of spokesperson yields the highest pre-game buzz dividend," said Pete Blackshaw, Chief Marketing Officer of Nielsen BuzzMetrics. "Nationwide saw a similar lift last year with the use of retro-star MC Hammer, and this helped them take a higher share of mindshare leading to the game."

Other top issues being discussed prior to the game include buzz around the "user-generated ad" contests by several advertisers, and a marriage proposal that is scheduled to take place during one of the ads. As in past years, total blog buzz around the Super Bowl is expected to continue building and peak the day after the game.

Do Super Bowl advertisers benefit from an "echo effect" of online buzz? If not, are they getting their full money's worth against nearly $2.5 million per 30-second advertisement? What if the buzz is negative or hostile? For the fourth year running, Nielsen BuzzMetrics will answer these important questions for major brand marketers investing millions of media dollars on the world's largest advertising stage. Findings will be available through syndicated and custom overnight reports.

Nielsen BuzzMetrics will audit brand buzz before, during and after the game, arming advertisers with comprehensive data and deep insight around commercial talk-value, stickiness, virality and even the popularity and appeal of the spokespersons and celebrities in the television advertising event.



Anonymous said...

Good to hear, though I'm not really surprised.

Anonymous said...

^^^Yea, me either.

Anonymous said...

Team Federline!!! Yaaa!

Anonymous said...

not suprised considering this ass-clown is finally making bank on his status as a national punchline...

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