Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Weird Al "interviews" Kevin Federline

YouTube link
As I'm sure you can tell, Weird Al has added video of his own questions to pre-existing Kevin interview footage. I have also found Weird Al "interviews" with Jessica Simpson, Eminem, and Madonna on youtube.


Anonymous said...

To the Britney fans:

She is NOT worth $300 million. The most she ever had was about $150 million which forbes magazine and some other publications talked about, and they probably pushed it up a bit for PR reasons. She has not put out a new CD in years and has not toured in some time. She has been spending a lot of it for the last few years, K-Fed (cars, recording his CD etc), limos, houses, lawsuits, lawyers, managers etc.

She also lost the lawsuit that she filed against the ten insurance companies that she was trying to get payment from. She wanted them to pay her when she cancelled in the middle of her last tour to cover the major losses. She ended up having to pay major amounts of money for damages, cancelled arenas, promoters, investers etc. (in the millions). She was also loosing a lot of money on her last tour since about half of the arenas were about half full, a quarter about a quarter full, and only about a quarter of the shows were full. This compared to her first few tours where every arena was full at the hight of her fame. If you don't remeber go back and take a look at the records (and not the PR her publicists put out). She was also, already becoming unstable at that time. She did not show for two of the shows when the fans were already in their seats for the Onyx tour. No reason was given to the fans and they were understandably upset. Then she came off stage crying at some of the European shows because they were less than half full. Then she cancelled in the middle of the tour because of her knee. She also had her knee operated on in 1999. So that is two times her knee has been a problem for her tours. Since her shows are based on dancing and putting on a big show while she lip-synchs, that makes her knee a big problem to the record companies and investers. They are not willing to back her at this time since she is so eratic and unprofessional from her track history and especially at present. She made one movie that she stared in, Crossroads, and has not been in one since, as a lead. In fact she has been turned down maney times by Hollywood and has not gotten a staring role in over five years now and won't.

She was already in decline by the third CD, Britney, which sold less then half of what BOMT did within the same amount of time from it's release. Her first CD ,BOMT, sold about 11.5 million US when it came out. OIDIA sold about 7.5 million within the same amount of time from its release. Her third CD ,Britney, sold about 3.5 million in the same amount of time from it's release. Her fourth CD, ITZ, sold slightly above 2 million in the same amount of time from it's release. Her Best Hits CD, although not a studio CD, sold about 1 million in the same amount of time from its release. Not once did her statistics go up, it was a stright downward trend. If you look at it, she did her best when she had a clean and sweet image, personaly, on stage, and on her CD's. The more she pushes the sex/slut image, and now the trailor trash image, instead of the sweet girl image of the begining of her career, the less CD's she sells. She does not seem to understand this. She has now gone down to crotch shots, and a real dirty image in order to get attention and try to revive her career. That is a real shame since all she had to do at the begining of her career is show up and be sweet. She sold millions, and millions loved her back then, she had integrity, or at least it looked like it back then. From a business point of view she should have not gone the way she did. It does not work and has ruined her career. She now has only a few fans that are left that are interested in her for skanky reasons, tabloid foder, partying, and not for the beautiful Pop Star image that she had some years ago that so many loved. In actuality, the Britney we are now seeing IS the real Britney. The industry is not there to put her together like they used to since she does not sell like she used to. She is now falling apart at the seams, and has been for some time: 55 hour marriages, marriage to K-Fed, eratic behavior, pshychiatric drugs while drinking alchohol etc.

Her perfume is not doing well now because of her image. Check the latest figures. Even Elizabeth Arden made comments in one of their recent bulletins. They have been cutting back on it and only realesing smaller amounts. There are also rumors that Elizabeth Arden are thinking of suing her because she has not been keeping up her part of the deal, and has not done the amount of advertising she was supposed to do for them. She also has not keeped up the "far better image" of herself that she had years ago which DOES help sell the products she backs. Her trailor trash image has done major harm to her businesses (perfume, CD's, tours, any possibel movie career, etc.). She IS a business and needs to act like it with her image. Her image is her buisness. Major magazines are not putting her on their covers all the time anymore like they used to, which paid her big money. Now she is only on the covers of the tabloids, which do not pay her at all. It also damages her career a lot, and her image, to be in the tabs all the time, and not in major paying magazines (who make her look good).

She sould have done Playboy if she wanted to show the wourld her privates. They would have made her look good and paid her a lot of money. Instead she did it for free to get attention which did a lot more damage to her image then any kind of help for her comeback. With the C-section showing and rashes futher down (check the large images, not the small ones that the net shows a lot). It looked really gross and desperate, and is a turn off. And being with Hilton only made it worse. She does not have any professionalism to her tacktics and it hurts her image and business a lot. Everyone looks at a train wreck, but that does not mean anyone is going to pay cash to buy it.

She tends to get suid a lot, and has bad business dealings a lot also, becuse she is unprofessional. Her restaurant NYLA went broke. She was suid by NIKE some years back and lost. She was suid by a t-shirt company (the only one she won). She suid US magazine and lost. Suing, lawyers, and court cases cost a huge amount of money. She does not have a larg income at this time. She has been spending far more in the last three years then she has brought in. If you check all of her divorce papers, other fillings, and documents, she only has about $32 million left. She has gone from $150 million about four years ago down to $32 million. That is a loss of $118 millioin in four years. She is not acting smart, and I am sure a lot of people are taking her money all the time, not just K-Fed, since she is always partying and going crazy. When a star falls, it is not uncomon for everyone to take a part of the pie (their money). Look at Michael Jackson, Elvis, and many others.

She may even loose her kids, which is up to the judge and not her fans or their oppinions. I work in the legal profession and see how the courts and judges rule all the time. She does not know how to manage her money or kids and be a good and stable mother. The children came out of her, they instictivly know she is their mommy. A Nanny is not the biological mother. The images that the tabloids constantley print of her and her actions can be, and will be, used in court. And it will damage her greatly. In fact, the tabloids are doing her far more harm the any of the past fans, or haters, can do all together. The courts will not care about the past fans, or haters, oppinions. But they will care very much about the pictures and films the tabs have shown, which can be used in court. If she keeps going like this, she will also loose the rest of her money in a few more years (around five years or so).

The current Britney fans seem to only care about image (hair color, makeup, clothes, and partying all the time, etc.), and not substance (such as facts, or Birtnye's kids, or professionalism for Britney's business). And for the fans that keep saying Brintey's life is nobodys business, you are wrong. She became famouse. She puts herself out there all the time and shows off her "supposed" personal life. She wants the attention. We can judge her anytime we want. There is no law against it. If no one ever judged then no one could ever correct a wrong or point out something destructive. It is everyones right to judge. She is actiing such a fool lately that maney should judge her, and they do. She is a celebrity shoving her personal life in everyones face on purpose and in a gross and desperate way. She makes her money by selling us all her products. If we do not want to buy her products anymore because we don't like her anymore, or what she or her products stand for, then that is our right and we do not have to accept her or her tactics.

And just because her kids are not your kids does not mean we can't care about their well being when she is being such a flake about it. She parties almost everynight from around 6PM to 5 or 6AM. She then has to sleep, probably 10 hours or so to get over the hangover. She also stated herself in a couple interviews I saw of her some years back that she loves to sleep about 10 to 12 hours threw the day. Then we see her out in the afternoon shopping a lot without her kids. Then she goes back to partying all night. She is not spending much time at all with her kids. If you are a mother and trully love your babies then you instinctivly want to be with them all the time because you love them. They are the most important of anything to a real mother. It is so funny how the current Britney fans always scream about how the rest of us should not judge, or don't have the right to judge, when they are far more judgmental then anyone else, and they judge everyone else that is not a Britney fan.

People that party all the time and do crazy things a lot are not professional and do not have their life in control. They are also not responsible and end up loosing a lot in life and loosing control of their lives eventually. These are the same people that don't care about kids, such as Brintey's kids, and justify what Britney does so they can hope she will give them another CD. That is so sad that you would prefer a CD from her over her kids beeing raised properly by her, the actual biological mother, and her love. It seems that the current Britney fans are far more selfish then they are aware of. And by the way, she is looking more and more trailor trash everyday, she does not look beautiful. Check a bunch of her current pictures against the ones from years ago when she was doing great and still looked fresh and young. She really was happy back then and her smile showed it. Now her smile is hidding a lot of pain and missery. Just look deeper and you will see it there. The problem is that she has caused this all on her own, with her selfishness and stupid tactics. She has gone crazy and really needs psychiatric care. I used to be a really big fan of hers. But the Britney now is literally someone completely different. This is not even the same person. Just like Justin said, he does not even know who she is now, and all the fans that have left, which is the vast majority, don't know who this woman is now. Britney left some time ago. Sad.

Anonymous said...

^^You're stupid as hell to type or copy and paste that shit. It was just an interview that weird al did for fun. I'm sure he doesn't hate Kevin. I'm a Kevin fan of course. But all that shit you type was fuckin stupid and uncalled for.

Anonymous said...

^Yeah that shit was stupid. Go on a britney site and post that shit. No one cares, brit and kevin are over.

Anonymous said...

This is a Kevin fan site. All we're interested in is how much money Kevin will get from her.

Anonymous said...

Great post, and interesting that you bring up the rash. She has reportedly pissed off a few men that she's passed herpes, which may well be one of the reasons why she got the C-section. It was to prevent the spread of her virus to the infants.

Anonymous said...

I want to tongue kiss Kevin.

Anonymous said...

I want to rim Kevin's ass.

Only she left him.

Anonymous said...

Chalk me up as someone who isn't convinced that Britney is mega-rich at this stage. She was faltering commercially just prior to her marriages, and that was one of the reasons why I thought she wanted to start a family... she was looking to leave gracefully, on her terms and not as an over-the-hill pop singer.

I didn't know she was bleeding money, however. I don't spend much time pondering Britney's finances, but I figured that since she was out of circulation she'd save a bit. While she spent a pile of money on Kevin, I always thought there was some interest or investment income. She wasn't drawing much royalty income as the songs weren't really hers to begin with.

But now that you've mentioned it, she has had a long list of setbacks. I'm sure the legal expenses were not trivial, and Britney, Inc. business ventures (including her non-income producing land in the deep South) haven't exactly been generating cash. Net-net, she is likely worth less now than before she got married the second time to Kevin.

I don't know where she is headed from here. I'm at the point where I'm not really a Britney fan any longer. Part of it is that I dislike who she has become, part of it is because I've gone on to enjoy other forms of music and artists.

Don't get me wrong. I'm sure Britney can buy and sell all of us like a bag of Doritos. She was a major success, and if she grows up in time, she'll have more than enough money for her great-great grandkids. But I think her the days of great commercial success are behind her. She'll still make money doing Vegas shows, maybe even TV specials, but her days as a superstar have waned.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you just type that in the first post? Shut you're fat lonely ass up.

Anonymous said...

She's not worth 32 million either, she's worth 65 million. Get you facts strait before you spew out bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Who is this dummy rambling in the first post? And when did courts decide custody after reading tabloids and shit? If that was the case, then alot of celebrities wouldn't have their kids right now. It's gonna take more than reading tabloids to decide who to give custody too. And you say britney may lose her kids becaues of tabloids? Well if a judge reads about kevin then they'll call him unfit as well. Tabloids are bullshit anyway. I mean there has been alot of stuff written about kevin. Cheating with escorts and pornstars, having drug dealing friends, partying with friends while leaving britney at home, only seeing his newborn a couple times. Are these true? Maybe, maybe not. Alot of shit is made up on kevin and britney's side. A judge is not gonna read all that shit and decide custody. You seem to be rambling out your ass.

Anonymous said...

^^I agree. If a judge decided by reading the tabloids on britney and kevin. Then he would definitley put them in foster care or to lynne or to kevin's mom. That's why whomever the judge is will take the tabloids and other stuff with a grain of salt. Only thing that will hurt brit is the driving with sean on her lap. I mean you hear brit and kevin drinking and drug stories. Kevin partied, britney partied, they both don't look like good parnets after reading and hearing stuff. Let's hope they can work something out and not let it get nasty, just for the sake of those boys.