Friday, December 08, 2006

Video: Kevin on TMZ's Star Catcher

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Star Catcher: K-Fed & Kid Fly Solo

Kevin Federline and Kid Rock, both recently split from their famous wives, were spotted at Mr. Chow. Also out last night were Sean Hayes, Eva Longoria, Paulina Rubio, Dave Navarro and many more.

K-Fed -- 15 Minutes Ain't Up Yet!

K-FED -- not gone yet. Last night was all about K-Fed, and TMZ's Josh Levine got it all on tape. The soon-to-be ex Mrs. Brit was the first to show up at Koi, then at Area, where he got even more of a reaction than Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Cheryl Burke did a little shimmy for us outside of Hyde, Jason Wahler and a lady friend stopped by Area, and at the end of the night, Kim Kardashian showed her love for TMZ cameras.

Also out on the town were Ludacris, the lovely Eva Longoria, Ian Ziering, Kid Rock and Sean Hayes, who threw in a "you guys are great!"

All this and more in today's Star Catcher.



Anonymous said...

Kevin looks good. I'm liking his new style.

Anonymous said...

Except the coat doesnt' go with his skin tones.

Anonymous said...

^ so what color do you think would be better, greys, browns?

Anonymous said...

he looks good! and so what if he were to change back to his old way of dressing? thats allowed too! or just try something else? doesn't everyone have more than just one style of dressing? i'm so happy hes winning people over though. vote for his music! :O)


Anonymous said...


I suspect he would do better in rich colors- once upon a time he would have been thought of as a winter. Navy definately works for him, I would think burgundy would be great. I would also put him more towards the blue greys than towards browns. I could also see him in something bright when he does casual- like red, but limit the Khaki near his face.

Cream/beige seems to wash him out. His coloring does better with touches of real white.

My opinion- once upon a time he would have been considered a "winter".

Anonymous said...

Winter? I think he's more of a slummer.

Anonymous said...

as in living in a refrigerator box??

Anonymous said...

Does Kevin have any talents? He never socializes with any of the entertainment biz heavyweights. And everyone is laughing at the way he got snubbed from Diddy's party in NYC.

Anonymous said...

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