Tuesday, December 05, 2006

TMZ.com speculates why Britney backed out of Billboard

Britney and Paris were scheduled to co-host the Billboards awards, however first Britney backed out (her reps gave no reason) and then Paris, who said she disapproved of jokes in the script. Perhaps it was a diss aimed towards Kevin that made Britney decide to pull out? (see video). Allegedly Britney was very upset at the American Music Awards, when her entrance was preceded by a sketch aimed at Kevin.

Source: tmz.com


Anonymous said...

is there any other link..my computer just doesn't work with tmz.com..pls..help..give me other link if there is one..

Anonymous said...

my computer doesnt work with tmz either, i just get a green screen
been that way for months

Anonymous said...

Basically the announcer said there'd be a special performance by Kevin and then they showed a clip of a bunch of people running from a theater.

My theory of why Britney backed out was because they thought it might be time to de-emphasize the Paris and Britney relationship, but who knows? Maybe both reasons are true.

Anonymous said...

I think she's been advised to minimize her contact, and straighten her act out.

You shouldn't have to tell soemone how to behave, they should know.