Monday, December 04, 2006

Rumor: Kevin decorates his sons' nursery

Playing daddy
Kevin Federline has been busy decorating his sons’ new nursery.

“He’s setting up house in the Hollywood Hills and he’s required to provide ‘adequate space’ for the two kids when they visit,” according to a source. “He’s spending $25,000 on the nursery and he’s having both boys’ rooms done in a circus theme, complete with murals of clowns and elephants.”

The source says he’s spending $25,000 at, and is having custom-made cribs built, one for Sean that looks like a lion and one that looks like an elephant for Jayden.



Anonymous said...

there goes the theory that he's broke

a home in the hollywood hills cost at least a couple million.

good for you kevin!

Anonymous said...

Nice stuff Britney is buying her kids.

Anonymous said...

$25,000 for a crib. What about a college fund?

People spend their money on goofy ass things.

Anonymous said...

They are working things out together because they both want the best for their children.

Anonymous said...

More posturing and positioning. You may call them cribs, but Kevin's lawyer calls them "an investment".

Anonymous said...

Britney's out house hunting with Larry as well. They're both out to show they can take good care of the kids, which is not such a bad thing. The kids will be at both places for at minimum visitation rights.

Good for Kevin to get settled in a nice house. With all the stuff he's been doing lately it's not surprising he can afford the downpayment on a nice house and furnish it well.

Anonymous said...

"Setting up house" is a euphemism. It doesn't mean he bought a house.

Anonymous said...

Kevin is rich now. He made $2 million from starring in "Chaotic" and just finished a concert tour where he takes a percentage of the gate.