Monday, December 04, 2006

Kevin mentioned on tonight's WWE RAW

Cena is interrupted by the music for MNM as Melina walks to the ring and she has something to say. Cena says that Umaga looks different. Melina says that she does not feel well, but she wanted to say something to Cena’s face. She says that Cena has bigger things to worry about than Umaga. On January 1st, Cena is going to face a megastar who is being personally trained by Johnny Nitro. That man is a personal friend of hers, Kevin Federline. We see a photo of Kevin on the TitanTron. Cena says that photo is a reason to practice safe sex. Melina says that Johnny is training Kevin to take out all of his frustration on Cena. Cena wonders if that means that Nitro is showing Kevin how to be a man; and if so, does that mean that Melina was showing Britney how to run around all of those nightclubs without any panties on acting like a slut? Melina slaps Cena and Cena has the crowd settle down because he says that it is apparent that she has a message from K-Fed. Cena gets Melina up for an FU but Chris Masters comes into the ring and Cena puts Melina down and he throws Masters over the top rope to the floor.


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