Wednesday, December 13, 2006

andPOP Interviews Kevin Federline

(andPOP) - The first week of November may be the period that forever defines Kevin Federline's stardom. He had just released his debut rap album, "Playing With Fire," when he got the news: his marriage with Britney Spears was about to end.

In one of his first interviews since splitting from Spears – which came with the condition that no personal questions were to be asked – Kevin Federline addresses his critics, low-turnouts at his shows and his future music plans.

andPOP: Who has been your biggest support personally and professionally for this album?
Kevin Federline: My family and friends were my biggest supporters for me while making this record. They were extremely honest with me throughout the whole process and I appreciated that the most.

andPOP: You started out as a dancer, did you always want to go into rap or when was that decision made?
Kevin Federline: Even as a dancer, I always played around with the idea of rapping. I was in and out of the recording studio a few times, but I didn't make the official decision of doing it professionally until I recorded my first song almost two years ago. From that moment on, I was hooked and didn't stop writing or recording until this album was finished.

andPOP: What kind of influences did you draw upon for this album?
Kevin Federline: I was influenced by many hip hop artists and rappers. I love music in general. I wanted to make an album that you could dance to.

andPOP: The media scrutiny around your personal life and professional life has been heavy- how do you get through it? Does it ever bother you?
Kevin Federline: The media definitely affects the way you live each day when you're under this much scrutiny, but it doesn't stop me from living my life.

andPOP: Were you ever frustrated with the negative response to your album before it was released?
Kevin Federline: Yes, it is still frustrating to me that people are criticizing me as an artist without ever even listening to my music.

andPOP: Do you listen to or read reviews? How does it affect you?
Kevin Federline: I don't necessarily read the reviews, but my friends or people around me often feel the need to let me know what people are saying. I try not to let it affect me.

andPOP: Turnout at your shows has been reportedly low, what do you want your fans to know about coming to a Kevin Federline show? What can they expect?
Kevin Federline: The turnout was actually very good considering the media and tabloids were constantly saying that my promo tour was canceled. The crowds were high energy and we all had a lot of fun. I love to perform and I can't wait to get back out on the road. It cracks me up when I see the same reporter or blogger dancing in the crowd at my show only to write a negative review about it the next day.

andPOP: Does being referenced to as KFed, or other nicknames, bother you at all?
Kevin Federline: The nicknames don't bother me at all. KFed was actually a name given to me by the media, which is pretty funny. None of my real friends call me KFed.

andPOP: Have you begun to think about a second album yet
Kevin Federline: Yes, I've thought about a second album, but that will come in time.

andPOP: Who did you make this album for?
Kevin Federline: I made this album not only for myself, but for everyone to get a better understanding of who I am and how I feel. The media has a way of targeting certain people and creating stereotypes that are untrue. I think in time, everyone will realize that I am a good person working hard to make a living.

andPOP: What would people be surprised to hear about Kevin Federline that they don't know?
Kevin Federline: I have no idea! I think people are always surprised when they meet me because they are expecting one thing and they see that I am really a laid back, nice guy.

andPOP: What are your upcoming touring/promotional plans?
Kevin Federline: I plan to hit hard again with more promotion and tour dates next year. Check out my new single "Privilege" on Myspace and look for updates on my web site.



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gay for least the wrestling gig is looking up...

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Good for him, looking forward to seeing what he does in the new year.

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