Monday, November 06, 2006

WWE: Kevin made 3rd appearance last night

King Booker [c] vs. Big Show vs. John Cena [World Championship, Champion of Champions Match] With 67% of the vote King Booker’s World Title is up for grabs. They three men circle the center of the ring. King Booker tries to get Cena on his side but instead Cena throws a punch at Booker and he rolls out of the ring. Show and Cena go at it. Cena to the ropes and a big elbow by Show. Booker still looks on. Cena whipped to the corner and he falls to the ground on the recoil. Cena up, he tries to fight back, but Show clotheslines Cena down. Show with a powerslam. Big chest chop by Show on Cena. Cena tries to fight back but it is quelled by Show again. Show keeps looking over toward Booker. Cena falls outside the ring, Show reaches over the top rope to the outside to try to bring Cena back in but King Booker takes advantage and hits an Axe Kick across Show’s back while he is bent over the top rope. In the ring Booker and Show go at it. Big chest chop by Show. Show fights back with chops but Show stops him. Big powerslam on Booker. Show with the Modified DDT and a two count when Cena interrupts. Show fights off Cena and Booker now, but they are double teaming Show with punches. They double clothesline Big Show out of the ring and Booker quickly rolls up Cena for a two count. Cena rope to rope and a back elbow by Booker. Chop by Booker on Cena. Rope to rope, tries a hip toss, reversed, Cena with a kick and a Fisherman’s Suplex, tries a pin but Show yanks Cena out of the ring, and clotheslines him. Big Show goes for the ring steps now. He lifts it up and charges Cena who takes out the legs. Show falls forward, face-first into the steps. Cena inside now and Booker hits a Book End. Two count. Harlem Side Kick on Cena and a two count. Punches exchanged by the two men. Booker with a headlock on Cena, tries to chain wrestle him, and has a rear chinlock on him now. Cena powers out and hits a suplex. He climbs the ropes now and flies, trying a splash, but Booker T moves, he then tries a pinfall and hits only two. Booker calls for a Scissors Kick but Cena reverses into a set-up for an FU. Booker swings around and reverses into a swinging DDT and a two count for Booker. Cena slaps on an STFU but Booker gets to the ropes. Booker in charge, sends Cena to the ropes, tries an Axe Kick but Cena ducks, comes back with a clothesline on Booker and then an elbow smash. Cena with a suplex and a two count. Cena mounts the ropes with Booker on top. Big Show enters the ring and puts Cena on his shoulders. Booker hits a dropkick from the top rope to the face of Big Show. Cena falls off the Big Show’s shoulders and all men are down. Cena and Booker double Team Show again. Double Suplex attempted, reversed into a double suplex of Big Show’s own. He is cleaning house. He has Cena and Booker in the corner together and Show hits a big Splash on them both then shoulder blocks them both to the mat on the recoil. Show calls for a Chokeslam. He hits it on Booker. Cena turns Show around and throws punches. He goes to the ropes and Show Spears him. Show pulls off the cover of the announce table. Cena sends Show’s head into the table repeatedly. Show lifts Cena over his shoulder for a potential ram into the ring post, but Cena wriggle free and shoves Show into the post headfirst. He blocks it, but Cena tries again and sends Show into the post. Inside the ring now. Cena and Booker battle. Cena hits a spinning Back Drop. He calls for the Elbow Drop, he hits one rope, as he goes to the opposite rope he kicks a chair into Show’s face who is standing by the rope son the outside. Cena hits the elbow drop. Charmell now tries to hit Cena with the belt but gets caught. He FU’s Charmell! King Booker charges Cena and Cena hits a drop toehold and slaps on an STFU. Referee attending to Charmel. Kevin Federline appears and clocks Cena with the belt. Cena is not phased and charges K-Fed, who slips out of the ring and up the aisle. Cena back to work on Booker, but Booker hits him in the face with the belt and lays atop for the cover and scores the pinfall for the victory to retain the World Championship. Your Winner and Still World Champion: King Booker After the match K-Fed taunts a fallen Cena by doing his “You Can’t See Me” hand motion, and leaves.


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