Tuesday, November 07, 2006

wrestlemag.com: Kevin's appearance on WWE yesterday

Kevin Federline appeared on video, and challenged John Cena to a match in Miami on New Year’s Day.
K-Fed’s little pre-taped thing was up next, and I’ll be honest here: If they follow through with this whole K-Fed push, and do it so that a) K-Fed doesn’t do an Arquette and win the title, and b) it actually makes Cena look strong (unlike Cyber Sunday’s ending), I’ll be happy with it. Federline has some natural charisma that gets him over as a heel, and I’m genuinely interested to see if WWE can do this in a way that doesn’t harm their product and at the same time gets them some decent mainstream publicity. On the other hand, however, if Federline’s push goes nowhere and adds nothing to the product, then that makes the end of last night’s PPV even more ridiculous and a waste of money than it appeared at the time.

Source: wrestlemag.com

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