Thursday, November 02, 2006

Video clip and summary: Kevin on the Tyra Banks show

View the video clip here.

Thanks so much to Kelly (kellyblue on for summarizing what happened on the show:

Before she introduced him, she talked about how alot of people think they know him from what they have read, and that's not so, but after seeing the interview then they can say they do, she also talked about him as backup dancer and that he danced for 'Destiny's Child', Micheal Jackson and Justin Timberlake, his appearance on CSI and that him been the spokeman for 'Vintage 5 star clothing' as increased sales 300%.

he came out and did a little dance close to what he had done on the 'Ellen show' ( the audience was very appreciative)
then they hug( him and Tyra).

first the talked about him as a backup dancer and asked what it feels like to be in the front now with his own thing going?

he said that it been a dancer for alot of people kind of build him as a artist, that he got to learn alot of things behind the scene, and he got to go through tons of stituations that perpared for what he's doing know and that has helped him alot.

where did KFed come from, did you make that up?

actually the media kinda gave me that name, at first I tried to fight it, I didn't really like it, but everybody know me as KFed now so I just ran with it.

Does anybody in your personal life call you that?


What does your wife call you?

daddy(everybody laughs)
then he said that she calls him baby, baby this, baby that, tyra wanted to know when does she calls him baby, he said if she's calling him are trying to wake him up or things like.
then she wanted to know when does she call him daddy, he said that's a little more intimate.

she ask him about his signature look, he said that what he's wearing is pretty much it, jean, tshirt and he loved nikes.

the signature sound for his album, he said a bit of old-school rap mixed with his own new favor, that all the songs on it you can dance to and that he sings about his past, alot about his future and that he talks a whole bunch of trash about the paparazzi.

then she asked him about the paparazzi and how they follow him and Britney everywhere and that she remember ones seeing them in NY when they had gone to the play 'Wicked' and Britney was saying hi to her and the there was alot of security around them and a whole buch of paparazzi follow them just to go see a play, she said she remembers them both wearing hats and Kevin said he remembers it too, then Kevin said that there's nothing they can do about it and Tyra said that the paparazzi chose that one coupe that they want to follow around all the time and that they are the ones now and they will soon go away and they can have their privacy, Kevin said he can't wait, and he feels like people should be able to choose when they want to be photograhp and that be it, cause he doesn't like his children in it at all, he said he and his wife choose it, but they should leave their children out of it.

If there wasn't a law protecting the paparazzi, what would you do to them/

I would put them all in a trash container and push them down sunset.

so, we're back with Kevin....Kevin your wife looks so good right know and she lost that baby weight so fast, how did she do that?

She has being working out doing her thing, dancing in the studio, gettting herself ready and all that stuff, and it's crazy, you know I gain the sympathy weight and she loses the baby weight like 2 weeks after having the baby.

so you have something to lose

yea you know,(Tyra pokes at his belly, and said it's not that bad) ya know it's daddy fat

does Britney like your daddy fat or does she want you 6pack?

you know, I think she goes through different feelings with it, sometimes she will say get ya butt in the gym and other times it doesn't bother her.

Do you feel like you and Britney are forever?

ofcourse, that's the love of my life, I don't see myself with anybody else at all,(audience clap)it's good you know, it's like we work well together, for some reason it just works.

What do you love the most about her?

Her heart, she has a good heart and overall that to me was number one, she's a very kind, loving person and it's genuine, it's not just hollywood, but genuine.

So, we know what you love about her, but what's the one thing that she does that just drives you crazy?

Ok, so my wife like to wake me up at 2 in the morning to have conversations.

2 in the morning, what does she do?

you know the baby will wake her up and she will wake me up and be like can we go to dinner tomorrow or things like that.

So what do you do?

If always different random, somethings, I will just stay asleep and would probably screaming in my sleep and all that good stuff.

What's the one thing no one else but you can give Britney?

I don't know, it's like she likes the littlest things, like for her birthday she does't want me to get her a yacht or a car, she doesn't want that, she wants me to go get her these little knick knack things, little baby things...

she doesn't want you to go buy her all these things, she wants something that comes from the heart, something you can make together, like show me your love

....and honestly, I mean, I think the one thing is the kids, that's her life right now, big time, both of us, but I think her even more so than me right now, and I see how dedicated and what kind of mother she is day to day...

Does that make you jealous, like I talk to dads and they say that first it was(using Kev has example)Kevin, Kevin, Kevin and now it's I'm mama, now, does it make you jealous?

huh, no, that's probably why it's good that I'm working, cause I probably would be a little jealous.

You're talking about so much love for your family, but I saw you on WWE and you had a shirt on that said 'America's Most Hated' do you feel like you feel hated?

Actually it's a song I did on the album, I walked out to it.

America's Most Hated, but do you feel hated?

No, I mean at the time I did that song, it was kind of that way, it was back when I use to read the tabliods, and sitter there getting into the whole hypness of what the media was doing, and that was my way of talking out and kinda making fun of it at the same time.

Did you know that you were on America's Next Top Model?

No, I didn't know that, Kev said he like her as Britney.
(shows picture of one of the models doing a Kevin/Birtney impersonation, he said that he likes MNTM and that he watches the show sometime with his wife, Tyra said she happy that they watch and that she glad that Britney watches an she hope she like how the model did her and that she will find a way to give her a secret shout out on the show).

Next cameras went to the studio to check out Kev's rehearsal for his upcoming tour, he said that he choose the name 'playin with fire' because it's univeral and fits pretty good with his stituation, with media and with his life and how things have changed and that some of on the things on the album that he talks about is controversal, and it just fits( they dance a bit, nothing new they only showed the dancing from his 'Privilege' performance) and he talks about how hard they've been working for the last month to get everything together, and said that he has been doing it for so long and all the hard work that as gone into it and it will show and when the album drops it will show, then we'll get the party started.

then he perform 'Privilege on the show, the people the audiences were really good, and Tyra was up with them dancing and clapping and all that.


Anonymous said...

I think he's kinda cute!

I hope he proves the music critics wrong, and get some independence from Britney.

Anonymous said...

I love him more and more everytime I read or listen to one of his interviews. I can see why Britney fell in Love with him. I too hope his CD does well and he makes a name for himself beyond Mr.Britney Spears. I think he is well on his way.

Anonymous said...

Wow that was a great interview.
I wish so much that I could see it.
Maybe it will be repeated sometime.
I heard bits of it on my radio station this morning.
But thanks alot for the transcript.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could see this interview. The video just won't work for me. But from the transcript, it seems so entertaining. I love that Britney wakes him up at 2am to chat!! :):) That's so funny!!

Riley said...

I've liked Kevin from the first time he was seen with Britney. He always just seemed like a nice down to earth guy and he's proven that he is over the last two years. I really hope his CD does well.

I loved this interview. The bit about Britney waking him up at 2am was funny and I love that she calls him Daddy. I guess that line in Privilege was about her.

Anonymous said...

I wish someone could post the whole show instead of just a little clip. Darn I should of set my recorder. Hopefully someone will post the whole show or I can catch it on a repeat.

I like Kevin's interviews.

kristen said...

hey, if any one has the oxygen channel,it repeats on there a week later i think. i can check and come back.if someone can record it then and post it,that would be awesome.