Thursday, November 09, 2006

Shar Jackson Sounds Off On Kevin & Britney

NEW YORK (November 9, 2006) -- Shar Jackson, the mother of two of Kevin Federline's children, says the media should stop ridiculing the aspiring rapper, who with his break-up from Britney Spears appears to have an even bigger punch-line target on his back.

"He's such a nice guy," the 30-year-old actress told reporters. "He's made some mistakes but everybody else doesn't have the whole world pointing their finger at their mistakes."

Jackson and Federline, 28, are the parents of a 4-year-old girl, Kori, and a 2-year-old boy, Kaleb. They dated before he became involved with Spears, whom he married in 2004, while Jackson was pregnant.

Spears, 24, filed for divorce on Tuesday. She's seeking custody of their two sons, 1-year-old Sean Preston and Jayden James, who was born Sept. 12.

Federline, who's been making the rounds promoting his hip-hop debut, "Playing with Fire," counter-filed court papers Wednesday seeking sole custody and spousal support.

On Wednesday night, he performed at Chicago's House of Blues, telling the audience he was a "free man."

Jackson, who starred in TV's "Moesha" in the late '90s, says Federline does not pay child support to her. But, she adds, "He does pay for their school, and they go to a very expensive private school."

Celebrity divorces, Jackson thinks, are nothing to celebrate.

"I don't understand why people take so much joy in other people's pain."



Anonymous said...

GO AWAY YOU NOTHING HAS-BEEN/NEVER WAS! You sure as hel weren't saying what a nice guy he was when you were crying your river on all the talk shows after you said he left you!!

Anonymous said...

duhh..that's why she one in this world would ever want to lose thier nice guy..

Anonymous said...

It was fake ass tears becuase she dumped his ass out of their apartment because he wouldn't get a job.

When Federbumb is old & alone he'll rue the day his pissed on both his famlies & lost them! Also Shar dope herself said before he wasn't being a good dad & slefish. This Z-List "celeb" needs to quit flip flopping!

Anonymous said...

K-Fed can't rap, that shit is true, he is a bumb, that shit is true, he did leave his girl for fame and money, that shit is true, but Britney is a bitch too, cause she is a fucking home wrecker. Any real woman that is not about messing up children life, she would of never fucked wit Shar's man. How can she complain and boo-hoo about Kevin cheating on her, when she was apart of the conspiracy, with fucking Kevin when he was wit home girl. Britney is a phony bitch, and Kevin should get spousal allowance cause she knew what the fuck he was about when she met his ass so she can't complain later on after the shit start happening to her. Don't cry wolf now bitch when you stole Shar Jackson apple pie. I hope her album don't do shit, the bitch never could sing or dance, she a gimmick just like K-Fed, so they belong together. She tried to copy Janet, but fucked up badly at it. She should realize what kind of person she is and that is: a stuck up, phony, nasty, white trashy ass hoe, she act she can't do nothing she is a package that was put together, who don't respect herself or her children. Instead of worrying about K-Fed cheating her ass should of being worrying about her children well being, falling out hi-chairs and riding in the front seat wit her baby. Don't give me that country shit, you just a dumb ignorant bitch. How can she complain about him, wasnt she just with him two weeks ago on Teen's Choice Awards cheerleading for his ass. And to K-Fed you can't rap boy stop it, do something else in the enterainment field you really love, don't try to capitalize off a market cause you think it's hot right now, that's, dumb give up da ghost K-Fed, meditate and see what really lies deep within you soul for you. And apologize to Shar for your stupidity, that was stupid and ignorant.

Screw Off Shar LOVER!! said...

/\He wasn't Shar's man ya dumbass white trashy cunt drip!! SHAR DUMPED HIS ASS FIRST!! Janet was not an original, Brtiney didn't copy shit fool!! Britney sold 50+ million cd's worldwide so I think her NON "gimmick" worked out well. LOL She can sing & dance circles around old ass Janet! LMAO!! FATASS Shar needs to apologize to Kevin for getting knocked up just to snag him & then dump him.

Ofcourse Britney cheered for him on the TCA's, that was before he started to use her boys as money pawns! No he shouldn't get support since he can support himself, buy a clue you dumbfuck! She does respect herself & her boys that's why she dropped the deadbeat & got out of a bad marriage! You probably are Shar

Anonymous said...

she's so stupid! do y'all notice dat when brit and kev is doing well, we dont hear about her! but when brit and kev have problems, she suddenly keeps appearing in the media!

Anonymous said...

On Shar's defense the paprazzi start following her whenever Brit/Kevin have problems and ask her questions and that's why she kepts appearing. With that being said however she needs to go away.

Anonymous said...

Shar is looking good. Glad to see her get some publicity. It isn't always easy finding work in Hollywood when you're black. I just wish it was under better circumstances.

Britney is a homewrecker though.

As Shar said, "It wasn't like just breaking up a relationship. It was like breaking up a family." Yeah, our man Kevin is to blame.

But Britney is immoral and nasty.

Anonymous said...

i agree with what anontmous said.she is very immoral and will get her punishment from God. shar is right to talked about him.he her kids father she have all right to talked about their father.

Anonymous said...

Media is talking to Shar the same way they have talked to Justin Timberlake about just shows they are decent people to talk about their exes...and people seem to forget how britney and justins relationship ended..did everyone hate her after that?

Anonymous said...

Shar really doesn't need to be commenting on Britney and Kevin's divorce is how I feel.

Kevin is no more innocent than Britney is. So Why in the hell would she stick up for either of them

I don't think decent people should go blabbing about their ex's. They should stay the Hell out of it.

Anonymous said...

Britney and Kevin's affairs are really none of her business and she should really shut up about it.

Her only concern should be Kaleb and Kori and making sure they are alright with their father. That is all.

Anonymous said...

"It wasn't like just breaking up a relationship," says Jackson, 27, who has a 21-month old daughter and is also seven months pregnant. "It was like breaking up a family."

Too bad Kevin can't make choices on his own and allowed Brittney to steal him away. Whatever it took to lure this icon of a man from the woman he loved, she did it alright.

Was it the thrill of going to Europe, so he said, I'll take care of family business later.

Was it the big money that made him forget the promises he made to take care of his family?

Was it the awe he had for Britney, that made him forget about Jackson?

What exactly did Britney do to him to steal him away and make him helpless in his own choices? Did she put him under a spell? Was it her Louisiana roots and voodoo?

I am just so amazed that this guy, who was 4 years older and streetwise could be stolen from his family and apparently taken into white slavery.

Couldn't he have said, no I am committed to this beautiful woman and our children together?

Don't blame Britney for HIS failures with Shar.