Sunday, November 05, 2006

A review of Kevin's New York performance on November 4

I reach Webster Hall at about 8pm, after a whole lot of rushing and curse at traffic, cause they said the doors open at 7pm and I figure that the show would start at about 8 and I didn't want to miss anything, It turned all that I didn't need to rush at all, when I got their they said the show wouldn't start until 9pm, I met a couple 'Tom and Kelly' (Kelly is quiet a popular name, lol) when I was coming in and I ask them if they mind I hang with them, they said sure, there were about a hundred or so ppl there at that time, music was playing, some ppl was dancing and drinking, my weird experience of the night was a girl that was standing next to me met a guy there and 2mins after she started rubbing down his chest and grabbing his as* and 10mins later they were making all, I have never seen that before, I find it weird, (and yes they did just meet, cause when the guys came in she and her friend turn around introduced themselves and was asking if they're fans of Kevin and all that).

Anyway people started coming in and after awhile there was a decent amount of ppl there, maybe 150- 200 give or take, not sure, ladies out numbered men in a big way and I think I was one of about 10 black person there, lol, I/we stood out like a sore thumb.

At 9pm his DJ came on and introduced himself and played come songs, Britney, Beyonce, Justin, JayZ, Sean Paul, Michael, just to name a few, Britney, MJ and JayZ was a hit with the crowd.
Kev's friend, Jimmy came out and tape the crowd for a while, then ppl started getting tried of waiting and started chantin "KFed" "KFed", the DJ continued playing for a while, and Jimmy came to the side of the stages and interviewed a few ppl for the video.

At I think 9:45 or so Kevin finally came out, he performed 8 songs:

Middle Finger ( the hidden track) - that was the coolest perfromance, during this performance he encourage the crowd to say Fu*k KFed, which they did enthusiastically each time he ask them to.

Kept On Talking
Dance With A Pimp
Playin With Fire
America's Most Hated
World Is Mine
Lose Control

In that order, 'MF' 'KOT' 'DWAP' 'AMH' and the 'WIM' was the big hit of the night, everybody knew 'AMH' and was singing along, after he had introducing his dancers, (he only had the two girls, I didn't get there names, cause of the noise) he acted as if he was going to dance and everybody was all cheering, but then he only did a little something, after 'AMH' he introduced a dude,( didn't get his name either) who perform for a little bit.

There wasn't a lot of ppl there (and I'm sure the media is gonna point that out) but he came on and he work the stage and interacted with crowd and gave a good performance, an ppl were having fun, you could hear them, everybody was getting into it and was all hype and everything and just has soon as it started, it was over, it's like it all happen so fast, like damn already, then some ppl was chantin 'Popozao', then he was gone, and it was over.

Overall it was a good night, he didn't dance like I thought he would, apart from 'privilege' there was not much dance. I think he should dance, it's very clear that ppl, including me wants him to dance more, but I had fun, and I'm really happy the show didn't get cancel.

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lashun said...

Cool, it sounds like fun. Man, I wish he would come to close to where I live.

Anonymous said...

That's great to hear. I f he comes to FL. I might be the only black person at his concert to, because most of the people I know (that are black) don't like him. But when I was playing his album, they were dancing, they didn't know it was Kevin!lol

Anonymous said...

That's so funny! I bet a LOT more people would actually like Kevin's music, if they didn't know whose songs it was.

lashun said...

That's weird, my brothers didn't know who "Kevin Federline" was, because we live in the hood, we don't read tabloids around here. And when I played his cd for them, they actually enjoyed it. And when I told them that he was married to Britney Spears, they were like "For Real", "Wow".

Anonymous said...

Oh! Now I can't wait until I go. I just wish people would give him a chance. Like you said Anonymous #1 your friends that don't like him seemed to like his music when they didn't realise it was him.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you all enjoy my review, lol, it was a fan night, although I think it finish so quickly, but I love been it the crowd and hearing ppl scream for him and all that good stuff, I wish I could go to another show, I'm glad I got to se him.


I have a video that I thought didn't have any sound, but it does, and I want to know how I can post it so you guys can see it, somebody help, please.