Saturday, November 18, 2006

Pics: Kevin arrives at the Mansion nightclub in Miami Beach to perform his show

Also a note from the Miami Herold:

[Kevin] wasn't alone when he came down to host the party at Mansion on Thursday night. In tow was none other than his dad, Mike Federline, who, according to our tattles, ``isn't all tattooed up with missing teeth as we'd expect, but a very nice, normal looking fella.''

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Catie said...

He looks hot :)

Anonymous said...

Nice watch and pendant. Too bad Britney's taking it back.

Oh well, Kevin did say he wanted to lose weight.

Anonymous said...

Lookin GOOD Kev, sexy, sexy.

Btw, Britney can't take away his watch and pendant, he bought them himself, the only thing she can take back is the wedding ring and he probably send it back to her already, cause he's not wearing it anymore.


Anonymous said...

It looks like he's on a liquid diet.

Anonymous said...

He looks very good .Good to see him living his life.