Monday, November 06, 2006

People: Kevin Gets Fired Up in NYC – Without Britney

Kevin Federline hit New York City this weekend to promote his new album, Playing with Fire – and show audiences he's more than Mr. Britney Spears. And in fact, even though Spears was in town, the couple didn't appear once together in public, and she didn't attend any of Federline's events.

Federline's Big Apple weekend kicked off on Thursday, when he made an appearance on MTV's Total Request Live in the afternoon and later hit a launch party for designer Tom Ford's new fragrance, Black Orchid.

Friday night was his album release party at the Manhattan hotspot Stereo. Federline stayed until 3 a.m., hanging with his entourage and sending text messages on his Sidekick.

He told PEOPLE he makes music because he loves it, adding "(it's) not for the money. I have enough money." He also shot down rumors of strife in his marriage, saying "I don't waste any energy thinking about these things. I don't get caught up in it."

Saturday he kicked off his promotional tour with a concert at Webster Hall, where he gave a shout-out to the crowd of New Yorkers: "I love you to death. You've got love for a West Coast Dude and I appreciate that."

He was scheduled to play a second set at 11 p.m., but took the stage at 1:35 a.m. to tell the audience there would be no second act, citing equipment trouble, and suggested that "Everyone get drunk! That's what I'm going to do."

Next up: A performance on Canada's Much Music on Monday, followed by shows in Chicago, Virginia Beach, Anaheim, Calif., and Los Angeles.



Anonymous said...

I have heard from various other sites that Britney was indeed in New York with Kevin. I'm glad she is keeping a low profile yet there by his side supporting him. Good luck Kevin.

Anonymous said...

^^^I agree, just goes to show that the nasty tabs that write about Brit don't want Kevin to do this and that are looking like fools now.
It takes a really good woman to step back and let her husband go out and do his thing and give him her support and love.