Wednesday, November 08, 2006

People interviews Kevin the night before Britney files for divorce

The night before Britney Spears filed for divorce, PEOPLE caught up with Kevin Federline in Toronto after he cohosted an episode of Canada's Much on Demand.

PEOPLE: You're on this huge promotional tour – and you're alone. Is it to set yourself apart as an artist or because Britney is with the kids?
Kevin: Of course, and the kids are too little. I don't want to bring the little one on the road, especially. There's no pictures of him out there yet or anything like that so, I really try to keep them as safe as possible.

You've said that you and Britney have a fiery relationship. What makes you guys work?
Kevin: She's the spice and I'm kinda like the sweet in it. I'm the laid-back person. She's always hyperactive and running around crazy and I don't know, it just works. I calm her down and she speeds me up.

So, would you say you're misunderstood?
Kevin: Definitely, definitely. We are, we are. I mean, that's the way it is. I don't know why it's that way, but that's what they do to us. It's all right. We don't care cause we're happy.

Does she support you?
Kevin: She supports me. I support her. I mean, you know, it's simple. It's one word. And that word is love. And I got a lot of love for her.

Plus you guys have a new family.
Kevin: That's what I mean. We're a family. It's cool. It's great.

Is it hard being away from them?
Kevin: Man, it is hard. It's hard. I mean, I've got a little bit of experience in it, you know, I've had to be away from my other kids, so having to do that I really know how it feels. When it gets to me I think about them and know I'll be there soon.

Are they going to join you eventually?
Kevin: Possibly. I'm not sure.

Are you in touch?
Kevin: Of course. Well, she's recording now too so that's why it's gonna be real hard.

Have you worked with Britney on her album?
Kevin: I haven't done anything with her yet. There's been talk about it but we'll see what happens.

So, throughout all your crazy touring, you're the laid-back one. Do you need Britney to pep you up?
Kevin: Sometimes, not too much. I like being this way. It's real hard to get me out of this element. If I was very high-strung, I probably would've knocked a few people out by now and you know, you would have seen a bad side of me that probably, hopefully I'll never show.

Because you guys are so different, do you fight?
Kevin: Of course. We're people, like, it's like any relationship. We have our ups and downs and we work through everything that we possibly can. If we can't work through it, we drop it and that's where it stays.

What would you say to critics who knock you guys?
Kevin: I'm happy. I don't care what other people say or think. I'm happy. I'm blessed. I'm proud of my life and that's it. That's all that matters.

So how does it feel to have a new baby, a new album, and more?
Kevin: I feel great. I feel like I'm on top of my game right now. I'm very, very involved in every aspect of my life right now and I'll make sure I keep to it.

How's your personal life?
Kevin: We're good. Like I said, we have our times and our spats and all that stuff, but other than that we're good. It's a lot of hard work, but we knew it was gonna be that way and we're dealing with it day to day.

With lots of communication?
Kevin: All the time, all the time. It's not like we fight or anything all the time. It's just, you know, it gets tiring when you're up all night with the kids and you gotta go to work the next day and me and her have to learn to find time for me and her.

Have you been doing that?
Kevin: We haven't been able to do it lately. I think that that's part of the problem but we'll be all right. We'll be fine. I talk to her all the time. She can't wait for me to get home.



Anonymous said...

Man, I feel so bad for Kevin, whatever was going on, it seem from that interview that he thought they could work through it, I like Kevin and I know alot of ppl don't like him and it's mostly because of what they read in the media, which is sad.

Right now the feeling I have is Britney use this guy, why the fuck did she marry him if she wasn't willing to go all the way, 2 years of marriage is nothing, it takes years and years, with some marriage counselling to make a marriage work and just to give up like that I find it extremelly rediculous, and she claim she don't care what ppl thinks, sure, That's why you're out smiling with the cameras and all, why did she go after this guy, I mean if she just wanted to be fucked, why didn't she leave it at that, now she have ppl classing this guy, calling him all kinds of awful names, then she up and dumps him, now this guy have to live his life having ppl disrespecting him, and to think that he thought she had his back and would always stand up for him, it's a shame.


Anonymous said...

I can see what you're saying, these days "marriage" is a joke. I thought it was about 'till death do you part', not "until I get sick of you". I know this "marriage" ended because of Britney and Kevin faults but Britney is the one coming off like she could careless, which bothers me.

Anonymous said...

Ever think Kevin used her & wasn't willing to go all the way! He said himself when they have fights he runs off & parties w/ his friends. That's so childish!!He wanted the family but he didn't want to put in the work & left the hard stuff to Britney.

Now this fool is trying to poach her baby boys!! OH HELL TO THE NAW!!!! I liked Kevin but now that he's using the babies to try & squeeze more money out of Britney, he's proving his punk ass to be the low down gold digger everyone claimed he was!!!!

Anonymous said...

Britney values marriage. This one lasted two years... that is a major improvement over the previous marriage of 55 hours. The skank will probably marry next year as soon as the ink dries on her divorce papers.

Anonymous said...

I actually glad that Kevin is fighting to keep the kids,or at least to get joint custody. If he was a no-good father, he would have left the kids to Britney and forgot about them. If he was a gold-digger, he would have asked for more money FIRST and then ask for the kids as an add-on. Anyway, we all know that Britney cannot tend to her children to all there needs, and have a full pop comeback at the same time is almost impossible by herself. She said it herself that she didn't want nobody raising her kids but her. She can't take her kids everywhere, she would be seriously stressed out. If she took her kids on tour with her, whose is gonna watch them while she is on stage performing and promoting her album and other things. Also, why is Britney asking Kevin to pay child support, she has millions, and any kind of money she gets from him wouldn't compare or make any difference. It seems like to me that she is trying to punish him.

Anonymous said...

He brags about having all this money and how he wants to show his kids he is a man and that he works yet he ask for spousal support and for Britney to pay the attorney fees. C'mon, it's a ploy to get more money. He had all his legal papers in the next day and that shows he knew the divorce was coming and something was wrong. If you read the documents Britney doesn't ask for spousal or child support and wants them each to pay their own attorney fees. Kevin wants Brit to pay him spousal support and the attorney fees.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't he fight for custody of his other two children?

Anonymous said...

/\Easy!! Their mama wasn't worth hundreds of millions.

Yeah & skanky Kevin didn't even bother to break up w/ his last girlfriend before marrying Britney. She had ONE marriage Kevin loving FOOL!

Anonymous said...

The fight for the Kids is ALL about MONEY. So stop acting like Kevin is a dream boat of a Man. I really liked him now I feel sick. He could have visitation but being the had a pre-nup he won't get all that much money but if he has a big custody battle Britney will likely end up paying him BIG BUCKS. Kelly I love the thought of Marriage being forever but sometimes it isn't mean't to be. Plus 2 years of what we can see of ups and downs is a lifetime. Why live unhappy. Life is short. I think they both used each other in a sense and we don't need to picker about who used who more it really doesn't matter at this point. They both deserve happiness and that is what I wish for them. Kevin played on the America's Most Hated and he is still playing on it so that is his fault. I imagine he will start playing the Poor me game too. I didn't buy the Hated one and I won't by the poor me one neither if he plays it. What should she be doing crying at home? I imagine she has done her share of crying and now it is time to smile and get on with life. Its Sad yes but over.

Anonymous said...

I agree he knew what was coming. Britney can take her kids on tour she can hire Nannies. So many entertainers tour with their Children its not hard when you have the means to hire help while on tour.

Kevin really is the Low life everyone made him out to be. Using his Boys to gain more Money. To think I actually liked this guy. Damn I won't be going to see him even if I have to waiste my ticket. I might puke at the sight of him.

Anonymous said...

I agree Kevin new it was coming. He really is a low life using his Boys to gain more money. I feel sick to think I ever wanted to feel sorry for him and support him. I am done.

Anonymous said...

I agree with kelly.Marriage is hard and its takes a lot of work. This girl do not respect marriage she was marry for 55 hours. She will continue to get marry and divorce like elizabeth talyor she need help. I feel so sad for the kids they are the one that have to go through this.She all smiles for the camara she acts like nothing happen and she fine. Those kids will turn aganist her when they grow up. She will get what she deserve in this lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Britney really made him look like and idiot. I mean, he looked like an idiot before but this... He's talking about how great they are together and she's off filing for divorce... Wow, way to go Britney!

Anonymous said...

Ever think he was lying about how great things were? Britney stcuk with him for two years while everyone was pressuring her to dump him. So why dump him now? There HAD to be a reason. There is NO WAY she just jumped up and said "What a nice day, I think I'll get divorced"!! Give me a break!!

Plus, I don't even wanna hear that she doesn't respect marriage. She wouldn't have fought the tabloids, sued them for printing false stories, defended Kevin on dateline, supported his attempts at a rap career, done a reality show to try and change how people viewed them, if she really wasn't trying to make the marriage work! And Kevin is no relationship prince either. ALL of his previous girlfriends went on record saying he was a scumbag to them. I didn't beleive it at the time, but seeing him sue her for SOLE custody of the kids, I think I gave him too much credit!! At least, Britney didn't pull a Denise Richards and invent nasty rumours about him.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

These two should have never been married. They are too different.