Wednesday, November 08, 2006

People - Inside Britney & Kevin's Split

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline's two-year marriage had gone through ups and downs – but in the last few days before Spears filed for divorce citing "irreconcilable differences," it appeared to rip at the seams.

"She tried to support him as much as she could, but at the end of the day she realized it wasn't best for her and her children (to stay)," someone close to Spears tells PEOPLE in its upcoming cover story. "She's standing up for herself and making positive changes in her life." (The couple have two sons: Sean Preston, 1, and Jayden James who was born on Sept. 12.)

Rumors of a Brit split were rampant: The couple hadn't been photographed together in weeks, and Spears skipped several recent events to promote Federline's album Playing with Fire. Still, the timing took many by surprise.

"As far as I knew they were perfectly fine," says Michael Prescott, a family friend from Kentwood, La., Britney's hometown. "I talked to Miss Lynne (Britney's mother) just the other day and she said Britney and Kevin were going to take a vacation trip together to Hawaii, just get away from everything for a few days."

The announcement "came as a total surprise," says a Federline pal. "We're all in shock. (We're hoping) it might just be that she's feeling a lot of postpartum emotions and this is something that will blow over."

Yet sources who spent time with Federline in New York City the weekend before Spears filed for divorce say it was obvious something was seriously wrong. Both Spears and Federline were in Manhattan, ostensibly for a concert and party for his album, "but they didn't spend any time together," says one source. "Britney stayed at the Regency Hotel, he stayed at the Doubletree. And she didn't come to his record release party at (the nightclub) Stereo."

By the time a solo Federline arrived in Toronto Monday "he looked pretty depressed," says a photo agency rep who was with him.

Spears, on the other hand, had never looked happier. On Monday she dropped in on David Letterman at the Late Show looking svelte and wearing a short black dress and blonde bob.

After the appearance Spears went straight from the Ed Sullivan Theater in midtown Manhattan to the nearby Sony Studios, where she faxed her signature to the Los Angeles lawyers handling her divorce. The next day, Nov. 7, the lawyers filed divorce papers at the L.A. county superior court.

Though the couple's two-year marriage always seemed a little shaky (one Web site started a divorce countdown the day after their September 2004 wedding), a source close to Federline says the marriage took a turn for the worse in late September when Federline headed to Las Vegas with his friends to party at Tao for the nightclub's one-year anniversary, leaving Britney, who had just given birth three weeks earlier, home alone.

"This was her last straw," says the source. "He said, 'I have to go to Vegas.' He didn't have to go to Vegas. He uses any excuse to party. She said, 'I've had enough.' "

Not long after that, according to the source, Federline moved out, and has been staying with friends who have a place in the San Fernando Valley.



Anonymous said...

"We're all in shock. (We're hoping) it might just be that she's feeling a lot of postpartum emotions and this is something that will blow over."

I hate when guys say things like oh she is in a bad mood she must be pmsing.

Anonymous said...

I hope they settled this and save their marriage or relationship!

Anonymous said...

Forget the PR-spin that is in People Magazine. The real reason Britney filed for divorce now was for money:

"Spears filed two years and one month from the day of her marriage, on Oct. 6, 2004. Her prenup, according to legal theorists, evidently carried increases for Federline for every year of their marriage. And those deadlines, they say, likely had 30-day grace periods.

Hence, Nov. 6 would have been Britney's last chance to get out of paying a third year of alimony settlement to a basically talentless slacker who was a drain on her finances.

And in the end, money is probably what Spears’ divorce is all about. Since she deliberately showed off a new trim body on David Letterman’s show the other night, Spears is obviously getting ready to go back to work."

Britney is evil.

Anonymous said...

blog screwed up the link:

Tie it together on your browser, and it shows you how wholesome Britney really is.

Anonymous said...

The bosh is bullshit. NOBODY knows what's in their pre-nup, it's all speculation BS. The idiot who wrote that was pulling shit out of his ass. It's called Palimony & she won't have to pay it if it's in the pre-nup. Also Kevin would not get alf of her money made during the marriage, that's the whole point of a pre-nup! What a dope this guy is.

Anonymous said...


Obviously you're:

a) Not a lawyer;
b) Good at reading comprehension

Anonymous said...

So its Britney's Money why should she not end it before he can get more of it.

Anonymous said...

I gotta agree. It's the bitch's money, who cares bout the kids.

Anonymous said...

I'm not liking Britney very much right now, I've been a fan of hers from the beginning and now I wish I could say I feel like everybody else and say good, but that's not the way I feel, I feel that she/them didn't work hard enough to make the marriage work, then again she got what she wanted, children, and along the way ppl class this guy saying he's in it for this and that, and Britney was the one who went after Kevin, wanting him out on tour with her, asking him to marry her and all, now she just leave him to battle it all on his own, shame on you Britney.


Anonymous said...

I feel the exact same way.

Anonymous said...

Kevin said it himself that if they were fighting he'd leave and party with his friends to blow off steam. That's absolutely childish and unacceptable. If I was Brit and he did stuff like that instead of working through problems I'd divorce him too. If they are fighting all the time it's best they end it anyway for the sake of the children. rowing up in a household where your parents constantly fight sucks.

Anonymous said...

I understands why Kevin leaves to go somewhere else, when him and Britney are agruing, because my parents argue constantly, and my step-father leaves home every time the argument gets too intense. I see that he gets angered and frustrated and has to go cool off, before he does something stupid. While his gone, my mom would cool off as well, and when he comes back, they can finish the argument in sensible way. Let's say he didn't leave and the argument continued, it will intensify to the point that the result could lead to violence which is a lot worse. I've seen both situations, and I believe Kevin would never put his hands on Britney, so it would be best for him to leave and cool down than pursuing the argument and having the risk of potential violence.

Anonymous said...

Oh C'mon Kelly. I don't cry any tears for poor Kevin. He got what he wanted and I imagine so did she it just didn't work out. Two years of on and off trouble I'd say she gave it a long enough try. I am a soul believer in Marriage but I also don't believe in staying in a marriage for the Children and I believe at this point that is what Britney was trying to do in the long run everyone ends up miserable. I just hope the divorce ends up amicably and they both move on. I am sure they are both at fault because I always believe it takes two to make a relationship work and these two just weren't making it work. Its better over.

Anonymous said...

It really doesn't matter what any of of say or think anyway because it is them who have to live in the relationship not us. So although commenting is our opinion that is ALL it is. It is easier said then done meaning we aren't in their shoes now are we.

Well you can see and hear by watching the entertainment shows and listening to the radio what the majority think and that is that Britney mad a HUGE mistake and it is about time she say the light. That is debatable but I guess that is how she felt so why continue in a unhappy Marriage.

Anonymous said...

Its time to Move on.

Anonymous said...

I was just saying its her money why shouldn't she end it before he gets more if she is going to end it anyway. You need to shut the _________ up. I'm sure this was a heart wrenching decision. She is seen crying in a video so I imagine she has been feeling it was coming to an end for sometime now. I imagine she did plenty of thinking about the Kids and came to the conclusion it would be the best for all concerned that she divorced before it just got worse.

Now Kevin can go on with his Rapping career with no worries of a wife and babies holding him back.

Anonymous said...

KYep, he can go be a PIMP. Whatever that is all about.