Friday, November 10, 2006

News on Britney and Kevin from People

Britney Spears is bidding New York City farewell and heading to Miami, where she plans to continue working on her new album over the weekend, sources tell PEOPLE.

Spears is recording her first original album since 2003's In the Zone in studios in Miami, Los Angeles and New York City.

In August she described her upcoming CD to PEOPLE as "cooler than ever – fun, upbeat and sexy."

The pop star, who filed for divorce from Kevin Federline on Tuesday, has been in New York since last week. On Monday, she made a surprise visit to the Late Show with David Letterman. The following day, she took an ice-skating spin around Rockefeller Center, dined out with friends – and spent hours at the Sony Music Studio.

And just as Spears is on the move, so is her estranged husband. Michael Sands, a rep for Federline's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, tells PEOPLE that Federline is holding up fine despite the fact that the divorce filing "caught Kevin totally by surprise. I think Kevin's doing pretty well, considering this disastrous situation. But I believe something good will come out of this."

Federline, who performed at Chicago's House of Blues on Wednesday night, is en route to Baltimore, Md., where he'll continue touring to promote his debut album, Playing with Fire, a source tells PEOPLE.

The aspiring rapper's House of Blues performance packed the venue with a standing-room-only audience – though tickets were being given away free.

As for Federline's pursual of sole custody of his children with Spears, Sean Preston, 1, and Jayden James (born Sept. 12), Sands says, "Kevin's interested in having as much time as he's allowed with the kids, so he wants full legal and physical custody, with visitation rights for Britney." He added, "If there were no kids involved, it would be easy, but it's going to take time to iron out a lot of different issues."



Anonymous said...

While I think it's wonderful that he is seeking to have as much time with his children with Britney as possible, I can't help to feel badly for his other children by Shar though that he has never sought custody or visitation from, it just seems unfair to pick some of his kids over others.

Anonymous said...

He talks to Kori and Kaleb all the time, he's said this before this whole mess. Fortunately Kevin and Shar have an amicable agreement as far as their kids. But it seems that Kevin and Britney will not.

Anonymous said...

The Britney fan club wants you to think he hasn't spent time with his other children. Let the smear campaign continue.

Anonymous said...

I agree with person #2 and 3 shar does give him time to spent with his kids. she a nice woman. britney will not give him time to spent with his kids.she always in different states.britney fans are very innogrant.they celebraate this split like it suppose to be a happy occasion.They re not thinking about the poor kids that is involve .

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Kevin and Shar were never married, so they probably made a deal to when Kevin can pick up the kids. I think that people who are celebrating this divorce are not thinking about the kids but their own selfish desires, they're disgusting. I guess ignorance is the new "IT" thing now.

Anonymous said...

Kevin and Shar does have an arrangement with the kids, they didn't complicate it with judges and laws and all that crap, he can see Kori and Kaleb whenever he wants, and he said he does, he talks alot about them "coming over" and "Sean gets excited" when they do.

I don't think Britney is playing fair, it's like she just expect the man to walk away from his kids, I say they should just sit down and work things out and have some kind of joint custody thing, these children are young and they need to grow up with both mom and dad involve in their life.

I've been a fan of Britney since she came out, but I'm not sure I like what she seem to have become, I can't explain it, but I don't agree with how she appears to be doing things, it's like all of a sudden she don't want to be associated with Kevin and she is the one that when after him, she's the one that introduced him to her lifstyle, now, it's like she expect him to just walk away and goes back to who he was before.


Anonymous said...

In all fairness why should Britney really care what Kevin does or how he copes without her millions? It isn't any of her concern what he does with his life now (as long as it doesn't directly affect the kids). Sure she introduced him to a more "iced up lifestyle" but it isnt her job to keep him accustomed to it. Divorce means final. No longer her problem. Of course she wants him out of her life, romantically, anyways. He is a grown man and will be fine. All he needs to do now is be a father and provide (with his OWN money) for his children.

And as for the children. They are both of theirs and Kevin has every right in the world to spend time and help raise his children. He is their father and unless someone can prove he is an awful person, no judge would ever deny him the right to be a father. And if Britney tries to prevent him from being a father, then that is a damn shame.

But really, as far as their marriage, maybe it was toxic and they needed out in order for things to not be ugly and affect the kids. I mean if this is them being civil...

I am scared to know what their marriage was like.

Anonymous said...

^ Well said.

She doesn't owe Kevin anything more than a relationship with his Children and I am sure they will work that out in the End.

Anonymous said...

lose da hat