Monday, November 13, 2006

My thoughts on rumors and the divorce

I'd just like to make a comment that there are many rumors flying around at the moment, most of which I find very little need to discuss in detail. The sex tape rumors were predictable given that Britney just lost a court case suing US Weekly for saying there was a sex tape. I don't think there really is a sex tape (although a fake one is going around), and I don't think Kevin is trying to blackmail Britney with it. There are also several stories about the prenump and how things are going to work out for Kevin. On August 24, 2006, in an interview with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS-FM in Los Angeles, Ryan asked Kevin about the lyrics on his album. Kevin said: "That's just my lifestyle, I'm just speaking about what's been going on the last two years ... I'm a humble person, I could go back to bread and butter." Let's just say I don't think Kevin will have to go back to bread and butter. I suspect he'll come out comfortably, and Britney will still be the mega-rich superstar she was before. I also don't think the stories about how Kevin has spent millions of Britney's money are true, Kevin has repeatedly talked about how he financed his album through Chaotic and other money he's earned, which lately with the paid appearances he's been making on WWE, CSI, shows, etc. shouldn't be taken too lightly. Rumors spread by strippers should also be taken with a large grain of salt.

The real issue here with this divorce is Sean Preston and Jayden James. In my opinion, except under extreme circumstances, children are best off with both parents in their lives, and I have no reason to believe this does not apply to Kevin and Britney. It is even better for the children if the parents can co-operate and work together in raising their children. There are many psychological studies that back this up. I find it admirable that Kevin and Shar are able to do this for Kori and Kaleb. I find it unfortunate that things do not seem off to a good start in that direction for Kevin and Britney. Britney filed for sole custody, and Kevin responded by also filing for sole custody. I believe that joint custody would be best.

Some information about joint custody can be found here:

"Shared parenting helps provide emotional stability for children by promoting the involvement of both parents. There are two aspects to shared parenting in divorce: joint legal custody, which refers to shared decision making responsibility between divorced parents, and joint physical custody, which provides children with a more balanced residential arrangement than was allowed under sole custody. With joint physical custody, children spend at least 33% of their time with each parent. This may be accomplished with an evenly balanced, alternating week arrangement, or through other arrangements that provide ways for the children to spend significant amounts of time with both parents. Joint legal custody has become the norm in most states in the U.S. Joint physical custody is less common, but Federal government statistics show that more than one fifth of divorced families had an equal shared parenting arrangement in 1997, and in some states shared parenting has become the predominant type of custody award."


cujokay said...

Your ideas are noble, but when would Kevin have time to spend with the children?

He spends practically no time with Kori and Kaleb, his children by Shar Jackson. Do you believe he's going to miraculously become a good father to Britney's children?

And another thing - why didn't Kevin ask for custody of his children with Shar? Because their was no financial gain in doing so.

I'm sorry, Kevin is a poor excuse for a dad. Visitation rights, if he chooses to use them, is all he needs.

Anonymous said...

/\Rock on!! Also webmaster, wth does Kevin needs to come out of this comfy off Britney's money he did not EARN when he has his own damn income? He deserves to go back to his bread & butter!!

Anonymous said...

hey team kevin

i am so happy that team kev has contiuned 2 support kevin during this difficult time i am happy one site has been suppotive and continues 2 do so i was reading the site britney experts 3 months ago and they said they choose 2 cover brit and her family jamie lynn and kev people argued and they said they dont want them 2 be mentioned on the site, but now 1 week after brit filled 4 divorce we see the site experts has some changes we see they dont report on kevin anymore only if it is tabloid rumour or something false they report on it

As for the rumours that kev has sex-tape of him and brit is completey bullshit i dont think it exists he knws 2 years ago that he met his wife and he feel in love he knows that is a private matter and these rumours that he is blackmailing her wit wen will the tabloids treat him like a normal person i always read these rumours of kev in a bad light but do these journalists actually spend a month or a day wit him before they pass judgement

I dont think people should judge kev just because he is the man who took our princess away have people 4 got 2 see that 2 years ago she actually fell in love and maybe she was not prepared 4 the marriage and they both wanted different thing that the other was not ready 2 provide
I hope that brit and kev will see that there are 2 little kids who need their parents i hope they can come 2 an agreement 2 sharing the kids 4 holidays and have a relationship like demi moore and bruce willis they are divoiced and look at them they share the kids and they spend holidays 2gather and they get along wit each other

I fear the two little boys who are 2 young 2 understand the notion of the family being torn apart i hope brit and kev can come 2 some sort of agreement 4 their kids

I disagree wit wat cijokay said that kev does not spend time wit kori and kaleb how do we knw that do we knw wat kev is behind the tabloids i am sure he does but in his own time

I dont think kevin is a poor excuse for a dad i just think he is misunderstood behind the tabloids i am sure he is a different guy as the say dont judge a book by it's cover i dont think kev used shar for her money because there was no financial gain incase we forget they were in love 2 they had 2 kids and at some point they must have loved each other very much

thanx team kevin 4 supporting kev not that i am agaisnt brit but at least one website give us the truth and the man behind the headlines and have continued 2 support him untill now and after this difficult time

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that Kevin must step up to the plate and be more than a sperm donor to ensure that his kids grow up and become upright citizens, get careers, and stay out of trouble.

I think he needs to definately take care of his substance abuse issues before Britney leaves him alone with the children. He might think it's mighty cool to be 28 and be partying all the time, but that's not what it takes to be agood father, he's just be a bad influence.

Grow up Mr. Federline- you have responsibilities. Do you think your kids will respect you for your "pimp" image?

Anonymous said...

Ditto that. He needs integrity to be a father, to earn the resp3ct of his children.

He had the strong love of a woman who wanted a family life, wanted a man to share her life and he pissed it away.

Anonymous said...

Wit custody, you don't jus file and they give it ot you. His history as a dad, with his other kids will come into it.

Where's those pictures? What's he doen to get legal with that situation?

How much stability can he offer? Other than claimin to be a pimp can he give the kids a stable life?

Anonymous said...

you are simply wrong
kevin spends quite a bit of time with Kori and Kaleb, it's just not in public and it doesnt fit the image that tabloids want to portray of him.
he is a VERY good father, like alot of fathers in this country (for instance truck drivers) he has a job that keeps him away from home quite a bit, but when he is in town he sees his children on a regular basis

He didn't request custody of Kaleb and Kori because he never had to. Shar is extremely generous with the time she allows for him to spend with them and has never tried to withhold them from him in any way. If she had he would have gone to court for his rights to see his children with her.

on the other hand Britney HAS and is currently trying to withold their 2 sons from him. This is not something alot of press has picked up on because again it's not the image they are trying to portray in the media. they want to portray Kevin as the villian and Britney as the angel. It's just not that way at all.

Anonymous said...

Second hand smoke alone would be a reason to keep the kids away from him.

Anonymous said...

What a guy!

He had the reigning Princess of Pop in his hand, the woman every guy was dreaming about, and within two years made her life so miserable that the whole world could see that she was so unhappy.

I'm so glad she saw the light and pulled away from this toxic dump of a drunken relationship.

Ok everybody, it's time to play grown up now and be parents! forget your three day drunk stuff- that's not good parenting skills.

Anonymous said...

I agree eith you web master.The primary people in this stituation is the children. They should put their feelings aside and do what best for their kids. I feel so sad for the kids in all this mess. The kids need both of their parents and i agree that they should have joint custody.It is both of their kids and deserved equal time with them. I pray that they will put their differences aside for the kids like he and shar did.He is involve in his kids life with shar .she herself said it.You people need facts before u all jump on the siding with britney bandwagon.It takes two to brakeup and not one.Britney can have all the money in the world is she happy no.All the money in the world cannot buy what if he poor.I rather be poor and happy with my life than rich and unhappy.

Anonymous said...

They are both definately materialsitic- cars crappy looking bling. It' all about the image, no substance.

Maybe he should enlist, if he's all that tough.

Anonymous said...

Is britney the best mother for the children.She risk her son live several time with out even aplogizing for it. She not a good mom at all and you guys are calling kevin bad dad.She depends on nanny to raise her kids insted of herself is that what they call good mom i don't think so.She smokes too .some one commit on kevin smoking.Do the people who said he has substance abuse have proff that he has those abuse. Britney is notsome one that is a good mother from her history with their son. The way she dresses is not the way any goodmother will dress like a stripper. She in the street 1am -5am working on her demonic music.That is not how a good mother acts.She stay home with her kids especially if you have 2 months and 1yrs old they need you in the night when they get up. Wake up people ,stop judging kevin parenting skill why her parenting skills is no different from can marry the richest person in the world does that mean that you should stay in the relationship? no Princess of devil music does not mean that he was happy with her.She not happy with herself.A person have to make them self happy and not depend on other people for their happiness. She look like the person who needs constant extention from their partner and once they don't give the that she dump them.She have dump so many men is she happy no.she will still not be happy no matter what she does.Only 1 person gives happiness in our lives.

Anonymous said...

"All these model chicks wanna do me/I got 50 mill, I can do whatever I want."

Oh really? How nice.

Anonymous said...

Look at his alcohol use.

He's got a problem.

Anonymous said...

Children of smokers have a 75% increase in ear infections.

besides the fact that it is just a nasty dirty habit.

Look what happened to the Marlboro man. Pimp.

Anonymous said...

wtf are you smoking...are you so deluded by fed-x act...face it, it's all about the money...his crappy rhymes speak for themselves...fed-x is a pathetic excuse of a father and i know, my brother was in jail for failure to pay child support...fed-x should just cut and run because if half the rumors are true, he will be america's most hated....the doors are already slamming in his face...diddy shut himout of his party, the house of blues was giving away tickets to his show, wal-mart shoppers got a photo op...hahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Britney is an awful mother. At least she can provide nanny-care, as Kevin won't get custody.

Unfortunately, these two little boys are going to join the legion of Hollywood offspring who end up on drugs and alcohol... just like mom and pop.

Anonymous said...

The image of public partier with public intoxication is not a great parenting image for either one.

You guys have to realize that your kids need to come first NOW.

Anonymous said...

WAZ wrong wid a PimP DadDy fo a Daddy...

Anonymous said...

Too true... and you know what's going to make it worse? The scorched earth policy that their divorce lawyers will advise them to take. Watch friends, family, etc. drop "bombs" about both in the coming weeks, in an effort to paint the other side as unfit.

Anonymous said...

I don't think either one can prove that one is unfit.

At this point I'm just glad that they aren't my parents- they both have so much growing up to do. If they are smart, they'll keep their mouths shut and let their fans vent on blogs like this.

I realize they each are trying to maintain an image, and that is so sad...because the images they portray are not strong, and vital. They are cheap and plastic. HOw are either of them making the world a better place? No wonder other countries think we're stupid.
We look to POP icons as role models. Ones that sing about how much stuff they have, while the world is falling apart.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pimps-
I think All mens should go to Vegas and party for days when there wife is pregnant- that the way to keep em home and happy.


Anonymous said...

I agree i with some of the people who posted . Those kids are giong to end up just like the hollywood kids on drugs and alchol like mom and dad. Both of the parents do not have good parenting skills.I hope they grow up and do what best for those kids.That should be their #1 responsibility not who is good/bad parents.They both have parenting problems.Kids needs both parents not 1 we have seen the stattic of single parent kids not good>God made two parents he did not made 1 parents to be in charge of them.I pray they get joint custody and work on having a healthy relationship for their kids kids sake.If the parents love their kids like they say they will do what is best for their kids if they don't they won't.

Anonymous said...

They both need to be in counseling, ASAP.

Anonymous said...

God, some of you are SO stupid!!!!!!!!! All parents make mistakes, but what defines the GOOD ones are those who put their kids before everything else. IF Kevin was really like that :
1) he would have told Britney "hell no, I'm saying in LA to wait on my baby's birth, but HE CHOSE to go with her to Europe.
2) he would have spent more time with the two boys at home, not partying in Vegas THREE WEEKS after his son was born
3) he would not be filing for SOLE custody of two small babies from their mom, one of whom is probably stil breastfeeding
4)he would have pursued his dreams but NOT at the expense of his family.

I really expected Kevin, after Britney filed for divorce, and after he went on and on about how much he loved her, to drop what he was doing and try to make things work, but no, he was too busy counterfiling divorce papers and asking for more money. Britney is no saint, but she is BY FAR the more responsible parent.

And for that idiot who said Britney dresses like a stripper, and has demonic music, and that makes her a bad mom, give me a freaking break!!!!! Look at how Kevin dresses. Do pimps make good dads??? Jackass!!

Anonymous said...

whoa, such emotion.

He has no respect for women, just listen to what he sings about and what he says.

Anonymous said...

stop talking about their divorce! we dont know anything about the circumstances and we probably will never know the real truth. we're all speculating on what we think is real b/c we read or heard about it in the tabloids... and if we knew any better,( since kevin and britney showed us many times w/ their child's name, the wedding date, the prenup), we would know that the tabloids dont report real facts.

support kevin and his music. have you heard the album? have u heard the beats that he made? they are crazy! he raps pretty good too. i would rather hear his songs 'lose control' or 'privilege' over some of the other stuff thats out rite now, like chingy's or chicken noodle soup.


Anonymous said...

The PIMP says:

"I've been seeing a lot of fine ladies -- you know who's about to be a free man?" he asked a few hundred audience-members, many of whom attended with tickets the House of Blues gave away free because of lagging sales.

Oh so broken hearted...and the ladies are just so lucky!

Anonymous said...

Buy his music. Britney won't be supporting him, so now we should!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, both are miserable excuses for parenthood. Let's not sugar-coat our little princess Britney. She's too immature and self-obsessed to be much of a parent.

Children first? Is that why she's out strutting her ass to promote herself? She has all the money she needs for the next 20 generations.

Anonymous said...

Here Kiddies, is a little song your Pimp daddy wrote:

Blue Yankee hat on,
Red monkey pants on,
Fresh to death,
’cause I keep the latest fashion.

Spark the blunt, girl, and your pass on.
Burning kind of slow, that’s good, it’ll last long.

I’m in the fast lane, getting my smash on.
High as a motherf**er, yeah way past gone.

Maybe the kiddies can grow up to sing along. Make daddy proud.

Anonymous said...

And I thought STDs would have made one or both sterile.

Anonymous said...

If they fight over custody, they'll each have to have a homestudy done to ensure adequate housing, income and safeguards are in place. The report will indicate the amount of time the parents has spent with them in the past, which will indicate the person who has been the primary caretaker- or perhaps they've equally shared this responsibilty.

They may ask for a drug test and they will certainly ask about the usage of alcohol and illegal drugs.

Maybe he only sings about them...but I wonder.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess child services better run and take Method Man and P Diddy's (not to mention any other rap artist) kids away given the lyrical content of their music.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they better take Enimem's daughter away from him then as much as he rapped about killing and raping her mother.

Well, as for drugs the only "drug" Kevin admits to is "weed" but that's not really a drug in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

And y'all think Britney is squeeky clean teen next door, marrying a self-confessed druggy? Man, I bet Britney smoked tons of herb with Kevin.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully they are both over that and ready to grow up and be good parents.

Anonymous said...

I thought Britney smoked as well.

Let me guess, the I heart Britney crowd will chime in that she stopped.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Britney has stopped smoking, but I haven't seen her smoking in a long time. She probably has stopped, but I mean don't most parents with newborns and such atleast try to quit. She might pick it back up later for all we know.

I agree they should raise their children together. No child should lack a parent if it isn't neccessary. If anything (and if Kevin is sincere and this isn't some money poy, which I doubt it is) Britney should be glad she found a man that actually wants to be there for his children. So few do.

Anonymous said...

I think Kevin is a nice and I believe he does spend as much time as he can with his kids, but ppl don't want to believe that, they want to believe what's in the tabliods.

I don't believe there's a sextape at all and I really don't believe any stories about Kevin spending Britney money, he wouldn't have access to her money just like that, I highly doubt Britney has access to 'her' money like, so any money that was Brit that Kev spend, it was given to him by Brit, so ppl need to lay off the bullshit.

I too believe that these kids should have both parents in their lifes, if she's really keeping the kids from him, that's sad, they're young and they have their other brother and sister, they all should spend time together, they're all apart of eachother through Kevin, he should have them too and spend with the all of them together.
Joint Custody is best way to go about all this, every child need their parents.

Thank you Alison for keeping this site open, I love coming here, it's nice to have a positive place to go for Kevin.


Anonymous said...

Btw, Britney does still smoke, but she's discreet about it, I don't think she smoke while pregnant, but I did see pics of her smoking after Sean's birth and there are pics of her smoking in pics from earlier this week.


Anonymous said...

ew!!! no doubt all of kevins family come here and post

and u get money for writing lies about him and how he is a great father....!!! bs!!!

he is a crap father and a husband...thank god britney got rid him!!!

Anonymous said...

kevin is a loser...and tryingt o make him look like the victim is stupid!!!

GOLD DIGGER...only now britney sees that too!

Anonymous said...

I found myself humming his song, so it must be pretty good.

HOWEVER! I wont' buy it. I have kids and I HATE the words. My kids are too young to hear this stuff. I can't imagine a 2 year old singing about blunts.

Anonymous said...

Here's a question...
How many women think it is ok if you and your husband get in a fight that he goes off to Las Vegas with his buddies?

That's documented. He's said it.

That's trash.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! You are bashing his the lyrics in some of his songs, yet Eminem sells millions and raps about women, drugs etc, and he is a father...get a life! all rappers rap about those things!

Anonymous said...

""Oh my! You are bashing his the lyrics in some of his songs, yet Eminem sells millions and raps about women, drugs etc, and he is a father...get a life! all rappers rap about those things! ""

And that makes it all ok.

Anonymous said...

no that doesnt make it ok, but why hate one when they all do it

Anonymous said...

Not hate. Never hate.

But why can't he be better than the rest? Why can't he look to other great artists that don't compromise integrity to make a few bucks.

Why can't he take a tune that keeps popping into my head BECAUSE it's GOOD and use that talent for the good. Why does he have to write about trash? About a substance abusing self centered narcisistic life style? He's a family man! He should have respect for his position.

Why does he have to keep trying to be so bad?