Saturday, November 11, 2006

More from MuchMusic (just before he got the divorce news by text message) When you first went in the studio, were you confident or like, "I can't believe I'm doing this!"

Kevin: I was nervous, you know. It was definitely a learning experience. I had been in and out of the studio, and everytime I was in I was nervous. When I first started working on the album, the first week or two was tough. You know, it was tough. It's like anything you do - the more you keep at it, the more you do it, the more time you have in the studio to really perfect your voice, your projection, how you want to say things and what you want to say, where the music takes you - it's crazy. So by the end you were like (brushing dirt off shoulder), "okay!"

Kevin: That's right! When releasing a debut album, is having a pre-determined reputatation like having a good golf handicap or a bad golf handicap? I don't know much about golf so that might not make sense at all.

Kevin: You know, it could go either way. It depends on the people, cause a lot of people can say whatever they want but it really depends on if the people are interested, then they're gonna go pick it up. Well, you're doing some serious promo.

Kevin: Yeah, I mean that's a definite, you know. Pushing it as hard as I possibly can, cause I believe in it. The album is hot. Have you heard it? Not yet. But I listened to everything on MySpace.

Kevin: Oh. See? You have to go pick it uuuuuuup. we know things that make you happy - music, your family, interacting with fans - but what's something we don't know that makes you truly happy?

Kevin: I like driving around in my cars, I like going on trips. Stuff like that. I like deep sea fishing, that's probably one of my favourites, even though I don't get to do it too much. I love golfing too, every now and then. But you know, mostly spending time with my family is my happiest moments. You've got a lot of sneakers, so how many times do you actually wear a pair?

Kevin: There's some that I don't wear at all. There's some that I thought I'd only wear once but then I'd end up wearing them all week. It varies. Sometimes I'll grab a shoe and I could base 20 outfits off of it, well then I'll wear that shoe all the time. You've said that LA is a gossip town and that you don't meet real people. What do you mean by that?

Kevin: Well, I mean that the business out there is a backstabbing, cut-throat business. That's what I mean. You see shady people. you see people that their intentions you can tell right off the bat aren't what they should be.



Anonymous said...

Damn Kev, you didn't see it coming did you, boy, oh boy, anyway u fine.


Anonymous said... You've said that LA is a gossip town and that you don't meet real people. What do you mean by that?

Kevin: Well, I mean that the business out there is a backstabbing, cut-throat business. That's what I mean. You see shady people. you see people that their intentions you can tell right off the bat aren't what they should be.

Wow, he met Britney in LA, and she turned out almost exactly like that.

Anonymous said...

Why are you bashing Britney saying it's her fault, yet when someone says they think the divorce is Kevin's fault you bitch at them for having that opinion. If they were having problems it's better they end it now instead of constantly fight and be miserable with each other and have their kids grow up in a household like this.
Personally I think he saw it coming otherwise he wouldn't have filed a counter petition and had a divorce lawyer the very next day Britney filed. It's not really for me to decide who's wrong or what, it's up to the judge and his ruling will tell who's at fault.

Anonymous said...

I think he was FINALLY figuring out Britney, and was alluding to her and her people. Kevin probably knew what was going down, but was hoping for the best like any man who wants to stay married.

Look at how fast Britney had her formerly-fired manager back at her side in New York. She was already in discussions with him, and had already decided to dump Kevin.

I agree with what someone said earlier. That whole dinner scene was probably staged by her and her people. That woman had the divorce papers ready, the "former" manager (who opposed the marriage) back on payroll, and was busy cooking up lies for the tabloids to cover her tracks.

Oh poor Britney! Such a victim!

Anonymous said...

Kevin is so good!!! Oh yeah...Britney now is the victim,yeah yeah,believe in the words of kevin that he gonna show the man that he is....He want the kids,he want earn 26 million dollares with the sex tape,and he want the kids because he loves them,oh yeah,he loves so much Britney that he gonna put on internet the sex tape...he so stupid and so conviced that he gonna saty with the kids,see the kids is one thing but want them is another thing,he don't have any luck,with tape or without tape,he don't gonna stay with the kids,and now Britney is the victim...still belive in kevin,one day the victim is he not Britney,this story have so much to tell,Britney pretended when cries on the restaurant,yeah yeah I see,and Kevin pretended that he and Britney are okay,"we are so happy,she's love of my life",well,no comment!!!You guys are so conviced that Kevin a nice guy...that he really love Britney,but then he said,"I'm a free man you know? Who wants dance with a pimp?",they divorce and kevin say that things,he can't wait...and Britney is the bitch,I see who is the bitch..."All my ladies,"I love you to death!" stupid,oh but he's still a nice guy,but if Britney said that,"oh she's so bitch"...if you want belive in the kevin,do it,then we see what's is the truth..."I'm kevin federline and I'm the truth"...when Britney cameback we gonna see who is the truth...

Anonymous said...

^^^yup, exacly what I thought too, amazing what's behind the 'smiles' I hope Kevin is strong enough and have some really good ppl around him for support, cause this is gonna get really nasty, she should pay for what she did to this guy, I'm beginning to think her and her ppl were behind the nasty stories that have been written about Kvein the past couple of years.


Anonymous said...

Now Kevin is the angel,Britney is the Britney said things for Kevin have a bad reputation,she never said nothing,and when she had interviwes she said always that it's everything ok...and Kevin is the "nice guy"?Britney are involved for what the midia write about Kevin?You are so conviced that kevin is the "angel",you believe so much in his his sweet an beautiful words "oh he so sweet,he said things so beautiful about Britney",and Britney said bad things about him? Never!!! you are listening to much things...

Anonymous said...

You people are sheep. That sex tape story was made up by a British tabloid.

ATTENTION ALL IDIOTS WHO NEVER LIVED IN THE UNITED KINGDOM: British tabloids make the "National Enquirer" seem like the New York Times.

You idiots amaze me.

Anonymous said...

Kevin isn't a saint, I know that, but he allowed himself to be pulled in by Britney and that where he went wrong, Britney knows how to use the media, why didn't she use them in her favor then like she's doing now, no she allowed the media to disrespect and dog her husband the father of her children, now she wants to just make it seem like he didn't exit at all, bullshit, I hope Kevin will get joint custody of his kids and spoual support too, she mess up his life, if she didn't go after him nobody would know who the fuck Kevin Federline is, there's no way Kevin can go back to being just Kevin Federline the dancer, so I say she should pay, like it or not if he didn't marry her ppl wouldn't be dogging him now.

Everybody deserves a chance to make something of themself and that's all Kevin is trying to do, he should have that chance whether he's marry to her or not, but he won't be able to just go on with his life, it won't be that easy for him, after life in her world this past few years, Jlo did give her ex-dancer something after their marrige ended, so Britney should too.

And all I've to say is these children aren't going to stay babies for the rest of their lifes, so these two better come to some agreement, as to what and how.


Anonymous said...

You're one wise woman, Kelly.

Anonymous said...

Kelly Britney doesn't owe Kevin a DAMN thing except for seeing his Babies. She doesn't owe him a good rich life. He needs to get out and Hustle and work like everyone else. You are out of your MIND. It has been said Britney fired her Manager because he didn't like Kevin. Now Britney doesn't have to Worry about Kevin not liking him so she can bring him back into her life.

Kevin will for sure get the MONEY he wants Kelly using his poor babies. So keep crying Poor Kevin because he surely is NOT. He has got more now than he would of ever had in his life.

Kevin will disappear just as easily as he appeared. Oh! and I couldn't be happier.

Anonymous said...

Britney doesn't own Kevin anything but the ability to see his children. No money. No attention. Nothing. Just Sean Preston and Jayden James.

Kevin demanding support is quite laughable really.

If I were him, I would just move the hell on and continue moving forward with the music, acting, and modeling. He could finally prove himself to be more than Britney's husband. I think Kevin is a talented guy, but right now he just needs to show other people that.

Also can everyone stop hating on Britney and Kevin like we know what went down.

People say "She should have tried to make it work" well who says she didn't? For all we know they could have been having problems for months and nothing was being done by him. I mean didn't she want to see a councelor or something and he refused?

And can we quite the "Kevin is an awful father" because the man seems like he adores all of his children. You can think he is a douche, but it is clear he loves his children.

Britney and Kevin started in an strange way and they gave it a good shot. Shit happens.

Anonymous said...

I can agree with that^

Anonymous said...

A PIMP is not a good thing to be.

They exploit women.

They make them work. They take their money.

This is not something to be proud of. It's an ugly part of life, and I think it shows his low regard of women.

Girls-stay away from this guy.