Saturday, November 11, 2006

Kevin's ex Shar Jackson talks about the divorce

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Anonymous said...

whats going on here? Were they playing a get rich quick game?

Roberta said...

I believe wholeheartedly that this is staged. Shar had to have been paid off to say such nice things about K-Fed. Come on, when something like this happens, you don't just get on TV and smile and make nice about your ex, who cheated on you, while you were pregnant. K-Fed is the scum of the earth and he shouldn't make our ears bleed with his nonsense he calls music. Odds are, when this is all over, he'll be back with Shar Jackson.

Anonymous said...

I think he will hit it up with Shar again also but maybe because he has always really loved her. Shar uses these opportunities to get her name out there though and I hate that.

I won't think much of Shar though it she does indeed hook back up with Kevin after what happened to her.

Anonymous said...

I would not even be surprised if those two found their way back to each other.

I would think Shar was a damn fool, but whatever.

I think the same with Justin if ever even looks Britney's way.

Anonymous said...

Why do you believe Justin was the innocent victim. That is a laugh. Britney may or may not have cheated but I dont' think Justin was MR. nice guy either.

Shar would be a real stupid fool if she dare took Kevin's ass back.

Anonymous said...

I am sure he wasn't. People don't usually take back exes that "did them wrong" unless something else is going on.

I do find it interesting that Justin has been her longest relationship. I mean she was with Kevin for 2 1/2 years. She was with Justin for 4. Crazy.

Anonymous said...

4 years by today's standard is pretty long for a relationship especially in Hollywood and considering they were pretty young at that.

As much as I love Britney I think she needs to find happiness within herself and then and not sooner she will find happiness in maybe a long term relationship. Although I don't think anyone really needs a man or woman to make there life complete or happy.

Britney has done a lot of growing up in the past but she has so much more to go. Well I must say I was a wild child myself and learned the hard way. Don't we All.

"Life is a DANCE we learn as we Go" I love that song because it is so true.

I don't think Britney is perfect but I love that she seems so loving and carefree maybe a little too much for her own good.

Anonymous said...

if Shar gets back with kevin, she a dumb fuck who just want publisity

Anonymous said...

Life on the road is very lonely, when you have a job that takes you away from your family, it's easy to start inventing one. When your back-up dancer who is there for you (or your body guard, or your trainer, or your manager) become family that balance of power is out of whack.
Most men can't handle the supporting role- too macho and it's too bad. They should have tried to make it work, been a modern couple and understood that she was the bread winner. He had a loving wife and he pissed it away.

Anonymous said...

Won't his children be proud of the words he sings?

Maybe the three boys will grow up to be PIMPS too.

Wouldn't you like to PIMP too?

Anonymous said...

"It wasn't like just breaking up a relationship," says Jackson, 27, who has a 21-month old daughter and is also seven months pregnant. "It was like breaking up a family."

What's wrong with this thinking? Are men so helpless that another woman can just step in any time and take them away like a peanut butter sandwich?

Women! figure it out!He made his choices.