Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Kevin's "1 vs. 100" appearance will air on December 1

Ex marks the spot Kevin Federline showed up in Burbank yesterday to tape an episode of NBC's game show, "1 vs. 100." Federline, the soon-to-be-ex- husband of Britney Spears, was on a show potentially worth $3 million as part of "The Mob." He was as signed #13 - and was ribbed a bit by show host Bob Saget, witnesses say.

Federline, in L.A. as part of his concert tour, was a last-minute addition to the "1 vs. 100" episode, scheduled to air Dec. 1.

Source: nypost.com, trent.blogspot.com


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Are you his sister or something? Or his mom?

Anonymous said...

he's the sweetest guy

Anonymous said...

Sweet? I thought he was a PIMP. A gangsta? No you're saying he's sweet?

Anonymous said...

Not his sister nor his mom, just a FAN!!!!!