Thursday, November 09, 2006

Kevin Federline seeking child custody and spousal support from Britney Spears

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- A day after Britney Spears filed divorce papers, Kevin Federline counter-filed court papers Wednesday seeking sole custody of the couple's two children.

The former backup dancer and aspiring rapper is also seeking spousal support. He says the couple's community assets are "uncertain," though Spears said in her divorce papers there were none to speak of, suggesting the two had a prenuptial agreement in place.

"Kevin is prepared to go the distance in order to do what he feels is necessary to protect and safeguard the children and will not be intimidated or dissuaded from pursuit of those goals," said Michael Sands, spokesman for Federline's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan.

Citing "irreconcilable differences," Spears filed for divorce Tuesday.

On his way to party at a club following a performance in Chicago Wednesday night, Federline was asked by a reporter if he was prepared for a legal fight with Spears. He smirked and didn't answer.

Spears, 24, and Federline, 28, have a 1-year-old son, Sean Preston, and an infant son, Jayden James, who was born Sept. 12. Spears is seeking custody of both children.

Spears wed Federline in the fall of 2004. They had a ceremony in September, but court papers state the couple were officially married Oct. 6.

It was nonstop drama after that.

Magazines couldn't get enough of the pair, documenting their every tender gesture and teary-eyed fight. The couple contributed to the coverage with their self-filmed reality TV show, "Britney & Kevin: Chaotic."

The tabloids depicted him as a partygoer living off his wife's fame and fortune. She was painted as a bumbling mother with fading figure and visage. Her chart-topping career all but imploded.

It was the first marriage for Federline, though he was still dating his pregnant girlfriend Shar Jackson when he met the pop star. Jackson gave birth to Federline's second child just months before he married Spears.

It was the second wedding in a year for Spears, whose 55-hour marriage to childhood friend Jason Alexander ended in annulment.

Born in Kentwood, La., in 1981, Spears got her first taste of fame at age 11 when she joined the "The All New Mickey Mouse Club" TV show. Her fellow Mouseketeers included future superstars Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera.

Five years after leaving the show, Spears released her debut album, "Baby One More Time" and skyrocketed to fame.

Federline appeared in the 2004 movie "You Got Served" and performed as a backup dancer for Timberlake, Pink and Michael Jackson. He released his debut CD, "Playing With Fire," on Oct. 31.

In an interview with The Associated Press two weeks ago, he praised Spears as a positive force in his life.

"Her influence on me has been really big," he said. "She's a strong woman and she knows what she wants out of life and that helps build a strong man. I look up to you baby."



Anonymous said...

I can't believe he wants spousal support. Before anyone comes on here and it's money or his children, SPOUSAL AND CHILD SUPPORT ARE NOT THE SAME THING. If he sticks through this though and actually isn't uses the custody issue as a way to get money out of Britney, I bet the judge will go with joint custody with Britney getting physical custody or side with full custody to Britney. Men usually don't win cases like this and Shar has even at one time commented a few months ago how Kevin didn't see Caleb or Kori for a month or so because he was recording his album. If he was willing to go overseas with a woman he met fairly recently for a few months and leave his one child(Kaleb wasn't born yet) at home for a long amount of time it makes it seem like he doesn't spend time with them.

Anonymous said...

We all know Kevin doesn't really want the kids. He wants money. And since Brit made him sign a pre-nup (which he only stands to get $30,000 a month for half the time they were married = $360,000) he's probably using the kids as leverage. You know "I'll drop the custody suit if you pay me more alimony".... It happens a lot, unfortunately, the kids are the ones who get hurt in all this stuff. That's what the REAL focus should be, not Great for Brit or K-Fed sucks, but the safety and welfare of the kids.

Anonymous said...

""The pleading is responsive to the petition hurriedly filed by Britney Spears yesterday, which may have been a preemptive strike in anticipation by her of the filing by Kevin seeking sole custody of the children," explained attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan."

His attorney said Kevin was going to file for the divorce, so the past few weeks that his been pimping out his marriage saying how great it was was just a sham.

Anonymous said...

Shar allow him to see his kids ,but she dont want him to see his kids.HE right to fight for joint custody for his kids. How will u break up with someone by text.How low can u go.The guy is right to want to hurt her. I feel so sad for the kids. Britney is very immature and need to grow up.she use this divorce to get good press and have a comeback. The same media will turn aganist her soon.

Anonymous said...

Britney didn't break up with him by text, he was prepared for a divorce and knew it was coming hence the quick response to what Britney's petition.

Anonymous said...

So Britney, you want to cut Kevin off after he killed his dancing career for you? That's cold, bitch. Kevin wanted to be a rapper, but part of it was because he could stay close to home. If you dance on the concert scene, you're on the road, so she would have divorced him by now anyway.

Damn right she should pay Kevin support. Bitch helped break-up his marriage with Shar, and got in the way of Kevin seeing his kids. Bitch is spoiled, and throws tantrums and uses emotional blackmail to get her way.

Anonymous said...

Lord, stupid people increase as the days go by!! Kevin wanted to be rapper, so he could stay close at home?? Really?? IS that why his own admission...he hasn't been at home much lately? Ot why he went to Vegas THREE WEEKS after his son was born?

Save it!! Britney is FAR from perfect, but maybe if Kevin put the damn promotion on hold a while and put his family first, they might still be together!!

Anonymous said...

^^ Kevin and Shar were never married. He just left her while she was pregnant. And how is that Britney's fault btw? Nobody put a gun to Kevin's head and forced him to leave Shar high & dry. He saw an opportunity to get some unearned money and took it. I'm glad Brit's gettin out while she can!!!

Anonymous said...

Spears calls K-Fed a nobody

According to the Sun, Britney and Kevin had a bitter row before Kevin’s performance for the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival last Tuesday, which ended with Britney screaming at him “you’re useless - you’re a nobody”. After she stormed out, Kevin was spotted in kneeling and crying in the corner.

Anonymous said...

Britney knew what she was getting into, and that it involved breaking-up Kevin with Shar. Despite his "hoodlum" image, Kevin is pretty naive, and he saw a (then) pretty women with the means of advancing his career. To top it off, they obviously loved each other.

But yeah, Britney bulldozed Shar out of the way. Deal with it, in the Music Industry, you only win by using charm and sheer force of will. Of course most of you idiot Britney fans probably believed she was a virgin even after she became known as a "Size Queen". And that had nothing to do with her figure.

Anonymous said...

yeah, bring out the lame cracks at Britney's reputation, and the rumours about her. Typical junior high school shit!!

Anonymous said...

I don't really like these attacks against Britney Spears. It is safe to say she's vile, but Kevin is no angel either. I think as fans, we've been duped by them long enough. It's all image folks. That stench you smell is coming from both of their houses.

Anonymous said...

What is with you people?

Kevin is a MAN.

He has the responsibility to make good choices. Just because Briteny wanted a relationship, he could have said no. Remember he was out partying looking mighty single- he could have said- "Thanks but no Thanks- I have a beautiful woman that I love and a child and one on the way." But no-he didn't.

She didn't "steal" him, he wasn't a victim. He chose to leave his old relationnship for one with Britney. The end.

Anonymous said...

Take her for half, K-fed! You go, boy!!!!