Thursday, November 09, 2006

K-Fed’s BFF Speaks Out!

“Extra” spoke exclusively to Kevin Federline’s best friend, Ralph Johnson, who confirmed that K-Fed didn’t learn of the explosive divorce from his pop-star wife.

Johnson spoke to Federline Tuesday night, and told “Extra” that he “wasn’t even in LA when it happened,” and that Federline “didn’t hear [about] it from his wife.”

However, Johnson declared said that despite the divorce, Kevin will carry on.

“Kevin’s very focused on his album and his singing career,” Johnson dished. “That’s pretty much what he is trying to keep his focus on.”

On Federline’s bad rap since marrying Spears, Johnson said, “He has tremendous respect for his wife, but he also has respect for his career. Whether he makes it or doesn’t make it is up to him.”

And as a true best friend would do, Johnson said he believes Federline’s career will undoubtedly survive the divorce.

“I think he’ll have no problem at all.”



Anonymous said...

Is this the same Ralph Johnson who last year did an interview with US Weekly (with DIRECT quotes and his name!!) that Kevin admitted to him just how much marijuana he was smoking behind Britney's back, and how he drank and partied himself into a stupor and wrecked a hotel room in Vegas and pretty much disrespected Britney on a regular basis by being an asswipe once she turned her back??? That Ralph Johnson??

Either he's lying now or he was lying then, but either way he's NOT a trustworthy source.

Anonymous said...

^ I just read the US Weekly article, and that's not what he says. He did say that they had a fight, Britney wanted a councellor and Kevin didn't, and that Kevin was very upset. He said Kevin felt bad for missing Britney's birthday and "send her a few things." He also said that Kevin's crew "trashed" the hotel room and that Kevin was angry and upset about it.

But you're right, if he's talking to US Weekly and Extra about stuff like this he isn't much of a friend, and not particularly trustworthy.

Anonymous said...

The yocal is not a friend period!! He just sold his "story" to Extra & US Weekly. Kevin actions the past couple of days have turned me off, but this Rlaph fool is full of it. Kevin hasn't been seen in Fresno in forever, plus if this guy is such his BFF he wouldn't be talking about him, just like you don't see Eddie & Jimmy. Plus this fool looks hella old like in his 40's & has NEVER been seen around Kevin's crew. Sad that Extra was so deperate to believe this fool.

Anonymous said...

^ You seem to know a whole lot more about this guy than I do, so I believe you. What a crock. I guess it's quite common for the media to find these types of people. The sad part is how many people believe their stories.