Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hard Rock slams Federline 'Cocaine and Strippers' reports

A spokesperson for the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas has slammed tabloid reports KEVIN FEDERLINE took drugs and invited strippers to his suite during his marriage to BRITNEY SPEARS.

America's National Enquirer and Britain's News Of The World report prostitute DANIELLE COAKLEY spent a weekend with the aspiring rapper in the hotel in January (06), while stripper VANESSA HULIHAN claims Federline wanted to leave Spears to be with her. Coakley, 20, says she partied with Federline while Spears was pregnant with their second child JAYDEN JAMES. She says, "Kevin was a real party animal. We went to two casinos then went back to his hotel suite in Vegas. There were lots of drugs - cocaine, weed and ecstasy. "We shared an E in his limo on the way then passed out on his bed." Hulihan explains, "Kevin said we could be together if he wasn't married. Another time I went to his hotel suite and the tub was full of strippers.

However, Hard Rock representative JEFF BEACHER denies the women's claims, telling the Las Vegas Review Journal, "Anyone that can take a stripper and a hooker seriously obviously has their own issues. "We were with Kevin all weekend - no drugs and no girls." Spears filed for divorce from Federline on Tuesday (07NOV06) after two years of marriage.



Anonymous said...

I don't buy it either. Notice how these tales didn't make it to press when Kevin and Britney together.

Watch for more lies to make it to press, with lots of finger-pointing to tabloid reporters by Britney, Incorporated. They are out to make Britney look like an angel, and make Kevin look like a scum. Poor Kevin doesn't have the money or nastiness to fight back. Is he in for a shock!

Anonymous said...

^^^I totally agree, I just hope his lawyer is good enough to get him through all the nastiness that all this is going to become, this is why I want Kevin to get the kids out of Britney's and her people world, if not those kids are gonna be so corrupt, and jus wait for next weeks tabliods stories, it's gonna be even nastier.


Anonymous said...

Kevin is a loser. And the only reason you girls like him is because he's goodlooking. If he wasn't handsome, you'd call him the loser that he is. Grow up, little girls. And please face the facts, he is doomed to fail. Eventually, once the divorce is finalized, Kevin will go back to the hole he came out of because his 15 minutes are up. Of course, he might eventually show up on the Surreal Life. Peace.

Anonymous said...

I hate Kevin I admit that,I belived in his words,I always defend him,but now I don't like him,because he said things that is not true,but even like that,I don't belive very much in that story of stripers and that,the midia say so much thing to earn money,and sometimes say lies to people believe in that,so I don't belive very much in that story,and I hate him,but I don't agree that he wants stay with the kids,I agree that he can see them,he have all the right to see them,now stay with them,that's not gonna are conviced that he gonna stay with them but no,he don't gonna stay with them,he don't have time to take care them,he have a carrer you forget? and he want the kids? please!!!Kevin thinks that he have an album,that he don't needs her,and he the album cause of Britney...but if you want still in believe the sweet words of kevin,go on,the problem is yours...

Anonymous said...

Wait. Wait. I'm just in shock that there is site called "Team Kevin".. He has FANS? HAHAHAHA.

Anonymous said...

I hope this is not true. I still like Kevin. But I'm more on Britney's side because he's still touring he's not trying to save his marriage and family. He's doing concerts talking about "who wants to come dance with a pimp!" I'm sorry to say this but Kevin is absolutly nothing without Britney. And he is NOT getting the kids. The world wouldn't let that happen. He left his first 2 kids with their mom. Why doesn't he want to leave these 2 kids... because their mom is rich! I'm not saying he doesn't love them. I'm just saying he wants to get some money out the deal of having the kids with him all the time. Knowing he will be hurting Britney. But the day that happens Hell will freeze over!

Anonymous said...


I don't think you're being fair to Kevin. Britney pulled this divorce stunt on him right when he started his concert tour. He is committed to performing in concert. If he unilaterally breaks his contract, he is going to be sued, and those cancellation clauses may stipulate he's out hundreds of thousands. He's stuck between a rock and a hard place. All he can do is try connecting with her on the phone or using a text messenger (Britney's preferred mechanism for communicating delicate relationship matters).

In short, Kevin is screwed. Britney's people are going to use the tour of saying he's a bad father, and that Britney is such a pure and wholesome person. Makes me want to puke.

Anonymous said...

^^^very true, they make her hide the kids, do you think her ppl are letting her get any calls from Kevin even if he has called, she claim she wanted to control her own life yet she back with the same ppl who she claim was controlling her life before, she don't know what she wants or how to make decisions for herself, she needs to grow up, I thought she had somewhat this past few years, but she's right back to where she was before, the thing about all this is, she's gonna get bit in the ass from the same ppl who are cheering her on now, the same camera she's smiling with, and all, you would think she would have learned her lesson by now, these same ppl who are cheering her on now, were the same ppl who were doggin her awhile back, from her parenting skill to her looking like trash, and she better know that they will start again, but she the idiot to fall for all the same crap again.


Anonymous said...

I see that this people don't gonna change nothing,I belived in kevin,but now enough,Britney wanted control Kevin? How? she gave him a carrer for he works,she gave him everything and she wanted control his life?he can give concerts and that,but is not need pass all nights out,we see pictures kevin on clubs to have fun with friends,when JJ borned was that happen,he go to vegas fun with friends,but then was all nights,please,Britney wants a man that care about her,she don't want a man that is not in home...she have 2 kids,she needs him,but he didn't care about that,he thinks "I married with a super star,I have an album,I do what I want,if she wants the divorce,I do something for not lose I gonna fun with my friends,say what I want" he's suffer so much with the divorce that he said "I'm a free man.who wants dance with a pimp",and Britney needs to grow up? Who have to grow up is Kevin,it seems that he was happy for the divorce...

Anonymous said...

Kevin's on tour, trying to project an image that will sell CDs. Frankly, trying to sell hip-hop CDs as a happily married man doesn't make much sense, unless you're selling to Christian groups. The hip-hop market is geared towards the street, or the wanna-bes. That is one of the reasons why he never had cred. When Britney text messaged the divorce, Kevin had to try making the break on image. Trust me, he's probably been trying to call his wife, and she probably isn't taking the calls.

Anonymous said...

So excuses for what? Britney was on a restaurant waiting for him,she receives a message and start crying,are images of Britney see the message,nobody knows what was write on the message,but is true that are images Britney see the phone and was something write on the phone because I see. Then she maybe sends him a message to break up,and then she changes her clothes...are images of that.And I'm not to believe in Kevin again,he have to prove that he's rihgt and Britney wrong,but I'm not gonna believe in that guy,never!!!

Anonymous said...

And if he's so worry in talk with Britney for she give him another chance,what was that? "I'm a free man now,who wants dance with a pimp?",please!!! And he knows where she is,if he's so worried to find her,why he don't ask to papparazi? They know where she is...

Anonymous said...

I don't care what the case. Family should come first no matter what! And he didn't put them first, that's why Britney left. He wouldn't have a CD or a tour if it wasn't for Britney and all of you know that! You will see in his upcoming tour dates No One CARES anymore! I still say he needs to cancel the rest of the dates he's just going to get laughed at! He's so stubborn!!! Man go fight for your wife back!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You think Britany was in a restaurant, waiting for him. According to whom? Other than a video photo op, I haven't seen or heard a direct quote from Britany. Some believe that it was staged.

Anonymous said...

^^^oh please grow up and don't be so naive, you think her ppl would let him get anywhere near her, if I was Kevin I would stay away and not make a fool of myself, she filed for the divorce, she has larry at her beck and call again, just like she did when she went and got marry in Vegas, she know how to contact Kevin too, I don't see Kevin going all out all smiling with the paparrazzi, and playing the media, if you think she don't know what she's doing, think again, she played this guy and one of these days....they say what goes around comes around.


Anonymous said...

^^^oh please grow up and don't be so naive, you think her ppl would let him get anywhere near her, if I was Kevin I would stay away and not make a fool of myself, she filed for the divorce, she has larry at her beck and call again, just like she did when she went and got marry in Vegas, she know how to contact Kevin too, I don't see Kevin going all out all smiling with the paparrazzi, and playing the media, if you think she don't know what she's doing, think again, she played this guy and one of these days....they say what goes around comes around.


Anonymous said...

You honestly believe he had no idea a divorce was coming? He filed papers the day after Britney did and had a divorce lawyer. He had 30 days to respond after Britney and he did it the day after. He knew it was coming.

Anonymous said...

ok now kelly is a britney hater... funny!!!!!
cause she was always sayin sweet things about britney!!

Anonymous said...

No offense but Kevin plays the media by telling them to fuck off all the time. His whole cd is about the media.

Anonymous said...

Kevin is so yesterday! He's no more! Nothing! Without Britney!!!

Anonymous said...

Add Britney to the "yesterday's news" list. Her biggest selling point is her image, rather than voice. That image has taken a pounding (Chaotic, anyone?), and she looks both deranged and haggard nowadays.

Anonymous said...

I don't hate Britney, I just think that the way she's going about doing things is not making her look very good to me right now, she was the one that claim she was being held back from doing what she really wants to do and was being told how to live her life when she was with Larry and how she want to make her own decisions and all of a sudden she back with Larry and all out playing the media after saying they pick on her and all kind of crap, now she's all happy to have them around, please, she uses ppl including her fans, and I know, I'm the fool for believing either of them but I think that what's happening to Kevin isn't right, it's like after almost 3 years she want to make it seem that Kevin is a jerk and that's no way to treat the father of her children.

Britney should be reasonable, Kevin cannot go back to who he was or what he use to do before, everything have change in this guy's life, if she was honest she would realize that life will never be the same for him.

Kevin was never given a chance, from the start ppl have attack him and why, just because he marry Britney Spears, nobody know what this guy is really like, and all I'm saying is that she stop playing around with the media/paparrazzi and sit down and work out some kind of agreement with this guy so that this whole thing won't turn into some nasty media war, that's where it all seem to be heading to me.


Anonymous said...

The thing that always seemed weird to me about Kevin is that he was willing to go to Europe with a girl he really didn't know while he had one child at home and another on the way. At the time Brit/Kevin meet he was in debt and shouldn't have even thought about going. I couldn't be away from my kids that long even if I did talk to them on the phone.

And don't say Britney seduced him to come overseas because he is a grown man.

Anonymous said...

ok kelly...tell me more about kevin!cause you seem to know him soooooo well...i`m sure britney loved kevin and tried to save their marriage...but how do you know he didn`t treat her well???he didn`t cheated her???
you don`t know how things were behind the doors!so don`t try to tell that kevin was the "awww...poor guy" and britney is "the bitch"!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's Kevin's fault that Britney invited him overseas, and proposed to him. While we're at it, let's chalk up a few more "Oops I did it again" excuses for her:

1. It wasn't her fault she married another man months earlier, for an astounding 55 hours. Oops!

2. That she had an affair with a married bodyguard. Oops!

3. That she slept around on poor Justin, which is why he broke up with her. Oops!

4. That she gave Madonna a deep kiss. Oops!

5. That Shar Jackson said that Britney didn't break-up a relationship, she broke up a family. Oops!

6. That Britney conducts herself like a sex-obsessed simpleton on her reality TV show. Oops!

Anonymous said...

Where exactly did she call Britney a bitch?

There's two sides to this story and Britney isn't the perfect goddess that can do no wrong or not hurt anyone. She's just as capable of screwing up as Kevin is.

Anonymous said...

I never said I know Kevin, and I sure as hell don't know what goes on behind closed doors, I'm only responding to what's being said, y'all hate on this guy, because of what y'all hear in the media, and act as if Britney is the victim, neither of them are victims, they both chose whatever, all I'm saying is that Britney is in the position to stop all the shit, all she has to do is get together with Kevin or her lawyer and his lawyer and work out something so that this whole thing won't trun into a big media thing, all the drama can be avoided, she introduce Kevin to her lifestyle, do you really think he can go back to who he was before, c'mom, Jlo did make sure her dancer guy didn't look like shit afterwards and they were only marry for something like 8 months, Britney and Kevin were marry for over 2 years and has 2 children, I say don't play games, put an end to all this and don't let it trun into a long drawn out media thing, the children aren't going to stay babies forever and they should limit the media chaos so that when these children get older they don't see and hear all the media crap.


Anonymous said...

Actually Shar first said that her had broken up long before he went to Europe with Britney. She only changed her tune once her management saw a way spin in her favor in hopes of getting her career going again. Not to mention her and Kevin had a rocky relationship and if they where really a family she would've kindly accepted one of those many marriage proposals he offered up.

Britney never had a affair with any married bodyguard. She's had the same guards throughout the majority of her career and they looked to her as a little sister.

There's no proof she slept around on Justin. She might have got emotionally envolved or kissed another guy; but there's never been any proof of her sleeping around.

If Kevin was in debt then how was he able to afford living on his own and go out to a club? Clubs in LA aren't exactly on the cheap side. Also how was he able to get a bank loan to pay for Britney's ring?

Stop buying into stupid ass media trap people. Neither one of these two are perfect and never will be. The only thing is that one of them took a situation that could've been mature and civil and turned it into a war.

Just because you have money doesn't mean you're always going to get what you want or think you deservce.

Anonymous said...

Denial ain't a river in Egypt. There are plenty of stories away from the Britney spin machine, including the married bodyguard tryst and Justin refusing to have anything to do with her, citing her screwing around on the side.

Anonymous said...

Shar claimed the relationship was over? You Britney fans are deluded, go google around and see what she actually said. Let me help you:,26334,632184,00.html

Britney Frolics with Dancer-Family Man


Britney Spears, homewrecker? That's the word from former Moesha costar Shar Jackson, who claims the pop princess stole her boyfriend of four years, dancer Kevin Federline, PEOPLE reports in its latest issue, on newsstands Friday.

"It wasn't like just breaking up a relationship," says Jackson, 27, who has a 21-month old daughter and is also seven months pregnant. "It was like breaking up a family."

Spears, 22, met Federline, 26, shortly before she left on her European tour, which kicked off Monday in London. The singer spent a few days in Los Angeles, where she went dancing at the hotspot XES on April 22, then continued on with friends to El Centro past the club's 2 a.m. closing.

"She didn't seem to have a care in the world," says an onlooker.

The next day she and Federline – once a dancer for Justin Timberlake – left the Beverly Hills Hotel in her white Mercedes and drove to the beach in Santa Monica, (stopping for Subway sandwiches en route) where they strolled in the sand and posed for paparazzi.

The two returned to the hotel and did not emerge until the next afternoon.

"I know Britney in passing. We've run into each other at a couple of events," says Jackson. "She knows who I am, she knows I'm his girlfriend."

But a source close to Spears denies there's a romance between she and Federline, saying, as reported by PEOPLE: "Britney's just having fun."

You blind Britney fans crack me up. That was just typical Britney PR crap. "She is just having fun."

Anonymous said...

Nobody knows Shit. It is all he said she said. I imagine Both of them are equally quilty for the marriage ending.

Kelly Britney did nothing but support Kevin but I imagine enough is enough. If he is really as Talented as he says he is He should have no trouble making it on his own.

Oh! my God. Poor K-Fed. I don't believe that for a minute but that is what he would like us to believe. Britney filed for divorce nothing more she hasn't said anything negative about Kevin that I know of.

Futher more Britney doesn't need to make Kevin look bad infront of the Media he does a good enough job of that on his own.

The person pointing out Britney's bad points well a list just as long could be made of Kevin.

Who the F__k said she hid the Kids. I think people are believing all this shit that is being written.

Its simple as this Britney is unhappy in the Marriage so she ended it. Period.

So Kelly you believe the Tabloids. That just shows me right there where you get your infor. Please be REAL.

Kevin is using those Kids for MONEY and if that isn't the lowest in my book I don't know what is. Even Britney has never done anything that LOW.

Let me tell you this ONE thing you can RAG on Britney all you want but there would be no KEVIN FEDERLINE talk if it weren't for her making a mistake and marrying this LOSER of a MAN. So dislike her all you want but that is the Truth.

Britney did make a dicision for herself and that was she isn't happy with Kevin anymore. I see no reason for her to stay in a unhappy relationship. For the Children no in the end that is even worse. For Kevin's career HELL NO.

I don't need to worry much longer though about K-FED he will slowly disappear.

Anonymous said...

Kevin claimed the relationship was over in Chaotic. So maybe you Kevin fans are also dilusional.

Kelly the Media will always be in Britney's life. I don't see her or Kevin starting any Media Crap. She simply filed for Divorce. So far that is all I have heard from her. She hasn't slammed Kevin in the Media. She hasn't said anything so far. I don't think she owes Kevin anything at this point except maybe access to his Kids.

Anonymous said...

Kevin is a Poor Excuse for a MAN. He is using his KIDS to fight back and that is the lowest thing I have ever heard of. So please he is making his self look like an ass Britney doesn't have to do it.

Anonymous said...

Fine, after bursting your bubble about that insipid slut Britany, you call Kevin a loser. Par for the course.

Anonymous said...

^^^all I said is that they should sit down and put an end to all this and not let it get to be a media story cause the kids will get older and they should avoid all the media madness, they can put a stop to all this by agreeing and ending all this, then the media won't have anything to do but get lost, cause everything have been concluded, is that wrong?


Anonymous said...

Kelly the Media will not let it go as you can see. Neither Kevin or Britney has made any statements and still they write stories. I am sure they will meet with Lawyers and discuss the arrangements of the divorce. The Media does it because It is what WE like Kelly. Who reads the TABLOIDS. US. Funny then you would blame Britney or Kevin.

They will discuss arrangements as soon as there court dates are arranged. For now I think it is best they don't try and contact each other.

Sure it might get UGLY but the TABLOIDS will just make it that much uglier than it really it. In the End Britney will pay out to your POOOOOR K-FED so you would have me believe and he will but all forget about those KIDS and most likely slip back into SHAR JACKSONS BED or anyone else you will take care of his Sorry ASS.

As a Britney fan I'm just glad it won't be her.

Anonymous said...

Kevin is probably making up these stories himself. He needs the attention right about now.

Anonymous said...

First of all, Shar ran to US Weekly when the pics of Kevin and Britney on the beach popped up. Her statement came before or around the same time on of Kevin's family member (I believe it was his aunt) sticking up for Britney saying that she wasn't a homewrecker and that Shar and Kevin's relationship has problems to begin with and they were already over when he met Britney. If Kevin and Shar had a family she would've been ready to settle down and get married; but she said that she wasn't, plus she broke up with him not the other way around. She needs to come off the a family was destroyed mantra, because it's mostly pr spin mixed with a good load of crap.

I don't see how Kevin fightiing for custody of his children is by any means a sign that he's using them. If he didn't fight for them you guys would be ragging on him and saying that he was a worthless father; but now that he's fighting for custody he using them? Give me a break.

If Justin didn't want anything to do with Britney then why was he seen out with her a few times after there break up (not to mention why did he give there relationship another try once he ended it only to have her be the one to break it off indefinatly)? There were pics of her dropping him off at his house and if he wanted nothing to do with her then why did he call her to manipulate his way into getting her to allow him to use a look a like for the Cry Me a River video?

Given that there are far uglier celebrity divorces and they've managed to agree upon joint custody while viciously duking it out in court doesn't exactly present Britney in a good light. Neither does the fact that she didn't have the nerve to tell him face to face or the fact that she used the moment mostly as a promo opportunity.

Britney owes him the right to joint custody of his kids. I also think she should fork over that new ring he bought her.

If Kevin's a poor excuse for a man for fighting for his kids then Britney is also a poor excuse for a woman by how she handled the situation.

Also where are the kids? We know they're probably with Lynne while Britney's out on her promo spree/recording of her new album; but are they in LA or Kentwood? Kevin should be allowed to hear his sons voices from time to time and he should be allowed to know where they are.

Also if Kevin didn't forget about his kids with Shar (not to mention her two other children that aren't even his) once he got with Britney what makes you think he's goint to forget about Sean and Jayden once this is done?

Anonymous said...

I don't read the tabloids, I'm just saying the sooner they agree to something the sooner the media will loss interest, I don't know anything about these ppl other than what he or she says, so if you ppl want to hate Kevin you go right ahead, I like him, and that haven't change.

Btw, why don't you go on a Britney site, you don't like Kevin then why are y'all here.


Anonymous said...

How do you know the kids are being hidden? Yeah! I know you believe the Media. I'm sure if Kevin wanted to see them he could easily see them. Britney has been the one with the Kids with her all along you barely ever saw Kevin with them anyhow. So I am suppose to believe he is all into them now that Britney filed for divorce. Gimme a BREAK. MONEY is his big concern. After all he won't have his hands on Britney's anymore.

Know one would Rag on Kevin for wanting to see his Kids. Which is what Britney gave him visitation but he wants custody for CHILD SUPPORT. I think Kevin has every right to see his kids but Custody no way. Why doesn't he want Custody of his other Children? Because he can't get any money out of them.

I think he will forget because MONEY can make people forgetfull. Believe me. Britney will give Kevin a big pay out and you won't hear anymore about the custody battle. Then you can tell me how much he really wanted his kids when he settles for the Big Bucks. I will just sit back and see.

Anonymous said...

Kevin is definitely no angel, but neither is Britney. She is the more media savvy of the two, and I am a bit sick of what looks like phase one of a major smear campaign. As a matter of fact, I anticipated it days ago.

Britney will smear him, and she will justify it in order to rehabilitate her image. Britney will not do it directly, as she will have her manager and his various contacts plant the stories. Whenever a charge is serious enough, people will believe it, even if the truth later comes out (there are still millions who believe that Saddam has WMD).

Anyway, I am a Kevin fan and will remain one until I am given evidence that he is an awful person. That being said, this is a Kevin site. Why are you here?

Anonymous said...

Kelly you aren't getting the info from what Britney or Kevin because they haven't said anything. You don't fool me you are getting it from Media reports and that is just as good as saying TABLOIDS.

I am here because I am a Britney fan and this is so ONE sided and you know that isn't the truth.

Oh! well I'm done here and for sure Kevin will be soon too.

I believe Britney should be supported because she made KEVIN. Now lets see what he can do on his own. Britney owes him nothing but a chance to get to know his Children. As for anything else. It is time he stands on his own two feet. If he is truly Talented than he will survive with or without Britney.

I have my doubts and that is Why he is trying to get as much as he can out of her.

You act by Britney divorcing him she distroyed him well if you think Kevin is all that you wouldn't even worry about that. Britney doens't need to stay in an unhappy Marriage for Kevin's sake.

I happen to think Britney finally wisened up and Good for her.

Anonymous said...

Saddam. They may not have found Weapons of Mass distruction but that man is and was pure evil. He had many innocent people killed. That is beside the point.

Believe what you want about poor Kevin. Britney has said nothing so far and I doubt she has planted these stories. Britney has had media stories printed about her for many years many of them damaging. I am sure she planted those also. Britney has had plenty to deal with concerning the Media herself. I think she will be more concerned with her Comeback then Fedderjerk at least that is what I am hoping. The less she says about him the faster we can forget about him. I hope that is exactly the way she feels about it.

I have no doubt either of them are not perfect.

As for a smear campaign. That is the biggest laugh I had all day. Maybe Kevin is planting them so people will say POOR KEVIN. That is more likely.

Anonymous said...

I hope Britney says nothing about Kevin because I don't want him to get the satifaction of her ever talking about him.

The less she says the better off things will be. She said very little about her break-up with Justin and I hope she does the same with Kevin. But unlike Justin Kevin needs Britney to talk about him to keep his Sorry ass talked about. I hope she says nothing or very little.

Anonymous said...

How do you know the kids aren't being hidden and that Kevin is using them for money? He could be asking for money just to get back at Britney. Also money didn't make him forget about his other kids so chances of him forgeting about these two are very likely.

Also visitation rights aren't the same as joint custody. Saying that you're ex is only worthy of getting a one day visit whenever you see fit, it a slap in the face to any parent.

Also how much time do you think Britney's going to get to spend with the kids when she starts touring and promoting again? She's going to get to see them about as much, if not less, than Kevin probably did. They're probably going to see nannies a good bit of time and maybe Lynne when she decided to give her personal time to watch them.

More than likely we never saw pics of Kevin with his kids is because he doesn't like having a papz around when he's spending time with them. (Actually I take that back there were a few pics of him picking up Kori and Kaleb and he looked rather pissed that they (the papz) were bothering him while he was picking his kids up) He doesn't have to venture out of his house with them in tow to prove that he spends time with his children. If he did he'd more than likely be accussed of using them again.

Here's a thought, I'm pretty sure Kaleb and Kori have developed some sort of bond or relationship with Britney what happens to that? Does she just cut them out as well?

The only victims in this whole debacle are the kids. The adults both shared a part in the decimation of the marriage things should've been thought out and talked out better before papers were filed.

Granted Britney doesn't have to stay in an unhappy marriage; but she could at least have the balls to try and fight for it and make it work like Reese Witherspoon did. If in the end it didn't work, she could've filed for seperation, then divorce in a civil matter. Instead of bringing in Larry to bail her out and put a spin on the situation.

I'm a Britney (have been a Britney fan since MMC) and Kevin fan; but given how all of this went down, I honestly hope that Kevin takes her to cleaners and that they both have to share custody.

Anonymous said...

Kevin doesn't need Britney to talk about him when he has all you haters giving free publicity. What do think helped fuel Britney's career?

Bare in mind that Kevin hasn't said anything about Britney as well.

Anonymous said...

I imagined she did give it a try. As you know it was supposedly on the Rocks before she found out she was pregnant with Jayden. I imagined she decided to stay and give it a try being another baby was on the way and it simply didn't work.

I am not worried about Britney touring she basically has a lot of Control about how much she does or doesn't do and I am sure she will work it around her schedule. A lot of famous People manage to be on tour with their family in tow. So I don't even think that is a problem.

Sure she can grant him joint custody but then why ask for Child Support. Answer that. When people have Joint Custody that means they both share the children and expenses. I will go for him getting joint custody but Child support. Hell NO. Let him get his ass out there and Work.

Britney ended it they way she felt necessary. Her going on Letterman and out looking fantastic I think was to SLAP KEVIN in the face for whatever he has done I do not know. Maybe be a party hardy play boy. I really don't know. She seemed really willing to stand back and support her man so I really think she had the last straw from him. I don't claim to know what it was but she sure wanted to get back at him by showing the WORLD she was looking good and freeing herself of K-FED the freeloader. Now he may have to really WORK.

I will tell you right now. Kevin won't get JOINT custody because he will cop a deal. Then I want to hear what you have to say. If he doesn't then I was wrong but I doubt it.

As for Kori and Kaleb I don't think that is up to Britney weather she see's those kids it is up to Shar really.

I think she called in Larry for Morale support in her time of need and nothing wrong with that. After all he is almost like a father to her.

Mark My words. Kevin will not get joint custody and it will be because he coped a deal.

Anonymous said...

Neither one of them have made comments about one another so it is equal. I don't want to be a Kevin hater I want him to disappear quietly. That is why I don't want Britney to discuss him. Why don't you Kevin fans quit involving Britney in your discussions. It should be ALL about KEVIN now.

I also hate that some Britney sites still report his news. I also hope that is stopped.

Anonymous said...

All you guys know too much about total strangers lifes. Sure you are so quick to believe the bad stories about Britney but yet when there some about Kevin, Britney planted them. This is the REAL WORLD Kevin was not the Perfect husband.\\ Nor was Britney the perfect wife.

Its over and most likely for the BEST.

Kevin should do his thing and so should Britney. Life is short they both need to find some happiness.

Things will be decided in court. I am just glad Britney had a pre-nup or she might end up like Paul McCartney.

I imagine this was a long time coming. Don't tell me you really believe it happened over night.

Anonymous said...

Listen you fool, I said I go off what Britney and Kevin say, that mean when all the tabliod nastiness was going on and them doggin Kevin I never believed it, I don't care who don't like Kevin, I will continue to like him as long as he doesn't give me any reason not to.

y'all think Britney is so innocent, please, she's the one out smiling and all for the paparrazzi after claiming they won't leave her alone, and now she's all happy to have them follow her and take her pics, I said it before and I will say it again she use ppl, to get whatever she want from them.

If Kevin want to see his kids more he should be able to, he didn't stop seeing and being with Kori and Kaleb, why should he give up Preston and Jayden, they're his kids too, Kevin has said that he rather his kids not be photograph by the paparrazzi, so him not going out with them doesn't mean he doesn't spend time with them at home playing with them and caring for them, I would guess then if you believe that Kevin never care or spend time with his kids, then that mean y'all believe Britney is a unfit mother, I mean y'all say that Kiven is never photograph with the kids, that mean he's a no-good father, but the world have seen pics of Britney driving with Preston in her lap when he should be in his car seat, the world has seen pics of her almost dropping Preston, so does that mean you believe she's an awful mother, think about what you believe before saying anything, cause if I were to believe the things I read about Britney's mothering skills, I would say those kids should never be left alone with her at anytime, so stop judging this man from what y'all read.

Y'all act as if you know what kind of person this guy is, calling him all kind of names and Britney is all innocence, well from where I'm on the outside looking in, I'm liking Kevin alot more than Britney right know, you think she didn't know what she was doing hooking up back with Larry and smiling for the paparrazzi, well she knows, it was her tryin to make herself look good to the public, but I think she has forgotten something, because the same ppl who are all 'yeah Britney' are the same ppl who were doggin her a few weeks ago and they will be the same ppl who are gonna trash her later on, so if she wants to play her games, I hope she won't start complaining later and crying on TV wanting them to leave her alone, cause she's using them now to promo herself.


Anonymous said...

November, 12 2006 THE NORVA in norfolk virginia, W/ Kevin federline...SUCKED!!

Anonymous said...

November, 12 2006 THE NORVA in norfolk virginia, W/ Kevin federline...SUCKED!!

Anonymous said...

K-Fed is not facing reality!
No talent fat headed wannabe

Anonymous said...

Kelly you don't know shit. You can say all you want and it still comes down to that is what you may think is going on. YOU think you know but you have no idea.

From where I am looking Britney wanted to Bitch Slap Kevin and she did just that and I have no idea why. That is why she made a few appearances looking happy. I think she wanted to let the WORLD know she was alright. She had basically been out of sight until then.

Who said Britney was perfect. She has made Plenty of mistakes as I am sure Kevin has. Britney went on Dateline to clear up rumors about her Marriage and surely there were signs of trouble then. You can't tell me you didn't see that. So this has been brewing so don't tell me she didn't give it a chance probably more than a chance.

Don't call me a Fool. Fool I have heard very little talk from Britney and Kevin you are getting your infor either from websites or the Media which is TABLOIDS or you are pulling it out of your ____s.
Support Kevin all you want and I will support Britney.

We will see who takes a Money DEAL then lets hear you defend Kevin. I am sure we will soon find out.

Kelly you know as much as I do and that is really NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

If Larry is such a father figure, then why is he just now popping back up in Britney's life after she fired him? And if Britney had so much control then how come she was so over worked and uninterested in her last tour?

How was showing up on Letterman all skinny a slap in his face given that he already knew what she looked like before she appeared on there? She handled the situation in a selfish, cruel, and immature manner. You can talk all the trash about Kevin you want; but no person deserves to have something like that happen to them. If you're going to leave someone then do it with some dignity, integrity, and privacy. Do it face to face and not have the person find out from either one of his friends, who got the info off of tv, or from someone in your management camp via a text message. This divorce seems like nothing more than a pr game to her. Which saddens me because I though her to be a better person than this.

If Kevin were such a freeloader then why'd he buy her a new ring to make up for the fact that he couldn’t get her a huge one in the beginning and why did he have no issue with Britney not paying his other children? If he were such a freeloader he would’ve never bought her anything and found ways to get money out of her to take care of his other kids. You forget Kevin made money off of modeling gigs, club performances, ect. So he wasn't mooching off of her. If anything he seemed like he was touring and performing at clubs in attempt to get his name out there and meet people and prove that he's willing to work hard for his dream and make his own money to take care of his kids. Him asking for support is probably his was of declaring war right back at Britney. If you divorce someone that way then expect that person to take his or her anger out on you and hit you were it counts. In this case it’s Britney’s wallet. Any woman (or man), rich or poor, would do it.

How about you Britney fans stop going to a Kevin site and quit involving Britney in the discussion? Follow you're own advice. You want him to go away stop coming to his damn fan site. Its not rocket science. Stay on the Britney boards. This is a site for people that like Kevin in case you didn’t notice by the name of it. If you hate someone so damn much then don't come to there board and make a fool out of yourself by making immature posts.

And somehow I doubt Kevin will go away. I hope he continues to peruse his hip-hop career and work on building his record label. Wish him and Britney nothing; but the best of luck in there future even if I'm not that fond of Britney's actions.

Anonymous said...

If Kelly knows about as much about Kevin as you do then why do you keep harping on and on like you've got the inside scoop that he'll take some kind of deal and sign over his kids?

Also Britney trying to buy the father of her children out of there lives doesn't exactly say anything too good about her as a person.

Anonymous said...

Kevin used Britney so she used the Media to get his Sorry ass back. All is fair in Love and WAR Kelly. Is my take on it. You can't tell me Kevin didn't use Britney to further his career. You know damn well he did and I bet she realized that and said this so and so is not getting away with this shit. So she hit it where it hurt. She made some appearances looking happy and really Fantastic.

I think Britney is growing up and wisening up.

You see things through your eyes and I will see things through mine that is what it is basically because we really can't know the TRUTH. Please don't claim you even do either.

LOOKS can be decieving Kelly.

Now I have had my say and really don't have much time to waist on K-Fed so I will refrain from visiting here.

Anonymous said...

Oh! my God Kevin said he bought her a new Ring. He bought her a new Ring because she paid for the first one that is WHY> not rocket science. How do you think he got those gigs? Britney Helped him. She helped him until she had enough. She realised she was getting USED.

Britney was a Woman scorned and you don't mess with a Woman scorned. How come Kevin stood her up and left her crying at her dinner table. I know he was too busy or this isn't true because it makes Kevin look bad.

Kelly you are judging Britney from what you read. Britney made ONE big mistake and that was driving with Sean on her lap and Kevin even defended her. Mothers make mistakes. She will learn from them as most mothers do.

She doesn't have any obligation to send him a Divorce notice. All she has to do is file that is plenty good enough.

It is a slap in the face because she is showing the World Hey! I'm looking Good and I don't need that Freeloader in my life and I will be alright. It sure was a Slap in the face.

She basically didn't have Larry in her life because supposedly Kevin didn't approve of Larry because Larry didn't like Kevin. Britney should of listened to Larry and she would of been saved all this mess and we would not be argueing these silly things because there would be NO K=Fed. So don't dog Britney to much because you now have K-FED you really should Thank her.

Kevin hitting Britney's Wallet isn't getting back at her for being angry its his way of saying I WANT MORE MONEY. You are lying to yourself by thinking otherwise.

I didn't say she was trying to buy them out of his life. She will let him have visitation which he readily deserves. I believe it is Kevin who is looking for a DEAL that is why the "I want sole Custody came out of him. I would go for Kevin having Joint Custody but WHY should Britney pay him Child support. See it all boils down to money.

Anonymous said...

I said he most likely would take a Deal.

We will wait and see.

If he is granted Joint Custody I hope he gets it without Child Support. Kevin should have to support those Children when they are in his care as Britney will support them when they are in hers. If he can't support them without her help making he should be asking for Joint Custody.

Anonymous said...

You are right. I shouldn't be going on and on like I know. I'm done with Kevin as is Britney.

Anonymous said...

I thinks this is hilarious. I don't think Kevin/KFed/FedEx cheated on Britney. I don't think he was that dumb. I actually think he loved her and enjoyed being married to her (hell so would I!)

I do think it is interesting that a man who claimed that he didn't need or want Britney's money is now demanding it. Says alot about his character.

And Britney is no saint either. I am sure she did her fair share of problems. And divorce by text? That was some cold ass shit.

I just don't see Kevin getting custody of the children. He is their father and shouldn't be denied the rights to see them (which Britney isn't doing, so I don't understand the problem. It is basically the same situation with Shar) so why the demand for sole custody ON TOP of spousal support.

Makes no sense. I hope this divorce doesn't get ungly because you know Britney's high powered attornys will find every skeleton in his closet and it won't be pretty. His will find dirst as well, but lets face the media Kevin <<<<<< Britney.

They have two small children together and their extended family with Kori and Kaleb. Lets all hope they are civil.

P.S: I hope this "sex tape" story is false for Kevin's sake.

Anonymous said...

I hope it's not true..I think it's just a reason so that ppl will keep on hating kevin..poor kevin ya'll..I just wish he denies all rumors..haters just keep on hating him..why..?? it because you guys read magazines..??..I think that's it..britney's the bad one..kevin's talking nice about her..saying that she's his number one fan and all..and all she gave is a divorce paper..

Anonymous said...

All Kevins fans should check out this website it has a ton of videos of Kevin. The most recent showed him chilling and taking pictures with some inner city kids.

Anonymous said...

He was saying she was his number one fan of lately he realizes he wasn't. That tells me something right there. He obviously was out of touch with Britney's feelings. She faced a lot of criticism from fans and media for marrying him yet she stayed with him through it all and supported him. I don't know what happenend and it really doesn't matter at this point. I agree with the other poster. I just hope it all ends Civil also.

I don't think the Sex tape is true either and if it is I doubt it would belong to only Kevin. I believe it would be joint property and he would not be able to just release it that easily.

So maybe he is chilling with them for publicity. You see the good things as him doing good deeds and the bad things as Britney ambushing him. That is absurd.

I think they both jumped into this Marriage too quickly and if they would of maybe dated longer a Marriage may have never happened. I just don't think you fall out of love that easily. I think it most likely wasn't there to begin with on either of their parts. Kevin wanted something out of the Marriage and so did Britney and they obviously didn't want the same things.

I actually loved that she notified him by TEXT if it is even True. I imagine since he supposedly didn't show up for his Dinner Date she fiqured _______him. But all in all I don't think it was this One specific event. It must of been brewing for sometime.

Do you Kevin fans also believe the story that Kevin didn't want his Kids at his rehearsal in LA and that also caused Britney to be furious. Yeah! I know the bad stories are True but the good ones aren't.

I imagine they both are equally to blame in this Marriage ending.

Why are the Kids suddenly being hidden? No one has seen the Kids before Jayden was born anyway.

I agree I can see him wanting Joint Custody but why Spousal support. He won't get that anyway because of the pre-nup. He should support his own sorry ass.

Anonymous said...

I think they are in lust with each other. Britney had just been going from relationship to relationship. I mean I totally rememeber Justin (who she cheated on with Wade Robson), then Fred Durst, then back to Justin (who she finally ended it with), then Colin Farrell, then random college dudes, then Jared Leto, then Columbus Short, then Jason Alexander, and finally Kevin.

Kevin was/wasn't with Shar, depending on who you ask.

They rushed into things because it was new, exciting, and the sex was great.

That doesn't make a marriage and they finally realized it. The media, fans, and real issues tested them and well...

Anonymous said...

^ I agree with some of that. I agree they rushed into things. I personally think Britney wanted to be married and have a family life and Kevin just happened to catch her eye. It could of been almost anyone. Kevin I imagine loved the excitement of being with Britney and someone so Famous. I do think he also wanted a chance at fame and that this was his chance. So you know for a fact she cheated with WADE. No one knows that as a Fact. Plus the others I really don't think she had any sort of real relationship with except for Justin.

I think Britney needs to Slow down and think about what she really wants out of life. I think Britney should concentrate on her boys and her career right now and stay away from men for awhile. When she is ready she should do the dating thing and not just jump into a relationship again so fast. Date a good long while and get to really know one another.

Anonymous said...

Of course no one knows for a fact anything, but I mean Justin pretty much admitted it, Britney didn't deny it, and Wade refused to comment on it and just admitted that he no longer spoke to Britney nor Justin. So I mean, hello.

Also both pretty much admitted that after the initial break up that tried to work it out numereous times till they finally gave up.

Britney and Fred were an item, however short it was.

Britney and Columbus were something that caused drama because he too had a babymama.

Colin, Jared, etc (including Eminem who is now claming he slept with her, oy vey!) were just hook ups and such.

She is a young woman in hollywood. I am not judging her for it or anything.

I do agree that Britney does need to slow down. She is not a mother of 2 young boys. I get she wants a career again, but I hope she understands it wont be as easy this time round.

Anyways, I think they both knew their relationship was fading and wanted to work for the sake of their family. It is probably healthier this way.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is life is ever easy but if anyone can do it-it is Britney.

I don't know if any of that shit is true. Sure I have heard all the same stories I am sure you have heard but I for one don't put to much worth into them or most likely don't care much about them. We can hear all the stories we want about Britney or pretty much any Celeb for that matter and they really are all hersay without really any true evidence of being fact. So this will always remain just that. Heresay. As I imagine we will never really know what happened Between Britney and Kevin not that it really matters.

I also agree it is healthier to be out of a bad relationship for all concerned even the Babies.

Anonymous said...

Its OVER there is no need to really argue about it.

Anonymous said...

Its OVER there is no need to really argue about it.

Anonymous said...

It is OVER plain and simple for whatever reason no real need to argue about it or try and analize it. Nothing we can say will ever really make much of a difference or really prove anything.

Everyone deserves Happiness. So best of Luck to both Britney and Kevin.

Anonymous said...

No one is getting nasty or arguing. Just discussing...on a comments blog.

How abouut that.

Anonymous said...

Who said anything about getting nasty.

I just said it really doesn't matter and that is the TRUTH it doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Britney did not break up kevin's NON-EXISTENT FAMILY!! LOL Shar said she kicked him out because she was tired of him sitting around their apartment not getting a job. Kevin's a grown ass man & he went to Europe on his own.

To that poster who said Britney jumps to relationships, stop believiing every damn word from the tabloids. Britney wasn't seen near a guy a about a year after Justin. Kevin was her first serious bf after him & that was 2 years later. Also Fred, EM, Colin & Jared are BS.

Finally Justin was cheating w/ his back up dancer Jenna Dewan. There is more proof of him cheating than Britney. Justin only went w/ his poor me cheated on sob story when it was time to sell CMAR. Britney DID deny cheating, but people love to forget that shit because she didn't give 1 million interviews like Timberfool.

As if Kevin didn't look like a sex crazed dope on Chaotic too...OOPS!

It's not like Kevin bailed on all 4 of his kids...OOPS

It's not like Kevin isn't trying to have his soon to be ex-wife totally support him proving he was a goldigger all along...OOPS

It's not like Kevin was a jobless deadbeat who owes everythign he has to Britney...OOPS

Kelly stop comparing Britney's marriage to Reece. You have no idea what Britney did to figt or work on things w/ Kevin. I see no proof that he gave a damn. Also Reece filied for full custody & doesn't want Ryan to have have her money either, so she must mean war too right?

I hope Britney not only gets custody of the boys, she terminates FederFuck's parental rights & changes their names to Spears!

Anonymous said...

The FED-EX "fan" that are now hating on Britney because she didn't treat their king right is the funniest.shit.EVER! NEWSFLASH!! There is no K-Fed w/o Britney. She's the one who gave up & risked everythnig for. She did & gave so much to him & you crazies are whining about him being mistreated. OMFG!!

As for the first poster get a clue! Kevin is plenty nasty witch he already showed in his crap concerts. He's the one who' doing the finger pointing! Mr. Wanna Dance W/ a Pimp is really broken up about the divorce. He's begging chicks to get w/ him & bragging about being single!

Anonymous said...

what is he supposed to do? whine and cry on stage? then u will just say he is a wimp...the guy cant win no matter what he does...i have said this repeatedly, regardless of what kevin does, he will be one knows the truth about them or reese and ryan...all we know is what the media says and we should all know by now that the media will take any opportunity to make up a one knows if he truly loved britney, or even if she truly loved him...and lets not forget why britney and justin broke up...does the world hate her for that? No...cuz she is "America's Pop Princess"...give me a break! cuz kevin isnt the "all american boy" people didnt want her with him right from the start...that just goes to show how shallow and cruel this world has become

Anonymous said...

Reading this is just funny.

Britney's deal she's working out in Vegas will keep her off the road, and allow her a sense of normalcy with her kids. Look at Celine- no one doubts her ability to parent at all and this is what she's doing.

The image K-Fed is making for himself will just get him burned with the legal end of taking care of his kids/ Would you want your kids taken care of by a "pimp?"

Will he list that as his occupation when he's standing in front of the Judge? "ah, yeah judge I'm a pimp. I k party with my homeboys." "I'm a good baby daddy to my other 2 kids"

Anonymous said...

He's not good lookin-he's looks like country bein hiphop wannabe in new clothes and poorly constructed bling.

Plastic. Nasty. White boy.

Anonymous said...

Sad, so sad...
Now there are 4 children growing up in broken homes. And both Brit and K come from broken homes.

so so so sad when kids see their parents so ugly with each other...

How awful.