Saturday, November 18, 2006

Federline wants custody of his kids

New York, Nov 18: Kevin Federline, the now separated husband of pop star Britney Spears, has filed for sole custody of his two young children as he feels she is not fit to take care of them on her own.

According to, Federline counter-sued Spears a day after she filed for divorce. He asked for sole physical and legal custody for his children.

Federline might use parenting mistakes that Spears has made against her. In one case, Spears drove with Sean Preston on her lap and in another she had him in the car seat facing the wrong way.

Federline's attorney said: "Kevin feels he is a great parent and acting solely in the best interest of his children. He's not doing this for money. Kevin is prepared to go the distance in order to protect and safeguard the children and will not be dissuaded or intimidated from the pursuit of these goals."



Anonymous said...

LOL...if Britney don't know how care about the kids why kevin leave them with Britney when he went to have fun with his friends? IF Britney want, she can say " My husband leave me alone with my kids,and he went to the parties,so if he knew that I was a incompetent mother why he leave me alone with my kids? who's more irresponsable?",we have much more to see and heard,I don't know if that is true,but one thing I am sure,Kevin don't gonna stay with the kids,he have all the right to see them,but stay with them,no,this not go to happen...sorry,I'm not sayng that because I don't like Kevin,but because I know something about that,and is not for the media.

Anonymous said...


Despite all the negative publicity. I think Kevin can make a lot of money and a comeback on his biggest assets modeling and dancing. The guy is super -hot and is always nice to look at. With his music career I was rooting for the album but for a debut it needs more of a connection with the younger audience. Maybe less of what he is going through and more on topics that this generation might be facing. OR just go all out and do something that has amazing beats and just basic content...everyone loves a song they can dance to in the club. With a wicked song and dance video..he could soar(sp?)

Anonymous said...

is this guy joking theres no way anyone is going to give custody of the kids

Anonymous said...

If FEDEX wants his kids so bad way doesnt he stop partying verynight and go get them

Anonymous said...

Didn't this douche publicly support her during the driving on her lap incident saying what a wonderful mom she was? Didn't he just say a day before she filed what a wonderful person she was? He went to Canada and let the babies with Britney, even though he doesn't think she can watch them by herself. Nothing he says makes any sense.

Anonymous said...

How can he live his chosen lifestyle of partying coast to coast and be Mr. Mom. If he really wants the kids he sure isn't acting like it.

He's acting like a drunken loser. Kevin: QUICK! get a clue! Clean yourself up before it's too late!

Anonymous said...

fedex SUCKS!

Anonymous said...

"he thinks she can't do it along"

meaning she needs support in rising the kids and he doesn't mean a nanny, I say if he thinks he can be around to help rise the boys, then they must come to some kind of joint custody agreement, so that both parents can care for kids, Reese, wants Ryan to have joint custody, why the fuck does Britney want these boys father to only see them every other weekends or whenever she chooses, that's a slap in the face, cause he doesn't have that kind of arrangement with Shar and he sees Kori and Kaleb whenever he wants, why does she want to take Sean and Jayden away.

and btw, he had to show public support for her, she was his wife and his youngest kids mother, even if he did disagree with what she did he didn't have to tell that to the media, he discuss it at home with her, let her know his feelings about the stituation, that's their own private right as parents.

Anonymous said...

He's just trying to get money, it's the only thing he has to go on.

The judge will give him standard visitation rights, unless he proves to be a full-blown alcoholic- and since that seems to be his primary "coping mechanism" for his "stress" it's beginning to look like addiction, at least by the size of the bottle and the goofy-ass looks on his face.