Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pics: Kitson Men where Kevin hosted Five Star clothing line launch event yesterday

According to
  • Kevin rushed past reporters and avoided some pictures
  • Kevin "is kinda hot in person and he really photographs well" although he had bloodshot eyes
  • Kevin's new album was played during the party



Anonymous said...

He not force to do interview or take pics if he choses not to.Give the guy a break if he take pics and do interview u people call him golddigger or say he just hungry fo fame. All they want to do interview is to ask him about the baby and his personal life. He and brit has chosen not to talked about their new baby give him a break until they ready to do so.

Anonymous said...

^ I agree with you. Right now the only thing one the media's mind is their new baby. I think he did the right thing.

Bo said...

Those little onsies are so cute. Lmao @ no pooparazzi. I hope we see one of his kids wearing tose clothes.