Monday, October 16, 2006

New baby's name is actually Jayden James?

We heard that Britney Spears and Kevin Federline's new son's name is not Sutton Pierce. Kevin alluded to this during an interview on a Seattle radio station and now we think we know the baby boy's real name. According to one of our sources, his name is Jayden James and they call him J.J.



Bo said...

I thought about them calling there next kid JJ. I love that nickname. Can't wait to see him & Sean P. I hope the new boy is as cute & chubby as him.:)

Anonymous said...

Well, I will wait until Britney and/or Kevin say what their baby name is, the sources didn't get it right the first time, why would I believe they get it right this time, haha, it's so hilarious for weeks they've been saying that his name is Sutton Peirce, lol, I swear that's the best, these 'tabs' keep puting their foot deeper and deeper in their mouths.

Riley said...

After a month I've gotten used to the name Sutton Pierce but Jayden James is cute too. Whatever his name may be I just hope that he's healthy and we get to see pics of him soon.