Monday, October 30, 2006

Music Review: Shocker! K-Fed delivers

Kevin Federline, "Playing With Fire" (Federline Records)

All jokes aside about his climb to fame, Kevin Federline's album "Playing With Fire" is a credible, entertaining debut. I kid you not.

K-Fed knows the role. He's been hated, debated, and roundly derided for his marriage to Britney Spears. Thus, the detractors are unlikely to admit that this is nicely raw around the edges, probably some of the most sincere urban storytelling you'll hate to admit you like.

He takes on the topics closest to him; from his rise from Fresno County obscurity to a hip-hop stage dancer to a high-profile position on the arm of Spears.

Is it Fed's fault he's got so much hustle? Don't hate the hustler, hate the game.

Tracks like "Privilege" are spot-on smooth, with K-Fed rhyming about the life he's grown accustomed to — and the one he left behind. "I got Gucci on, she got Prada/ She calls me daddy but she's not my daughter/ And I'm not her father I'm just a mack/ Got tired of the drugs so I switched to rap."

The beats are primely polished, but tough enough to maintain an aggressive stance. On "Keep on Talkin'," K-Fed talks about "pancaking" back in the days, an allusion to riding the drug trade no doubt. The streets of Fresno County are no joke, and good for Fed-Rock if wants to boast about surviving that life.

And "Crazy" (featuring the wife) has one serious club banger beat. You just have to move to it. Resistance is futile.

Hats off to K-Fed. There's a lot here to like.



Anonymous said...

personally, i think that it's a really good album! Kept on Talkin' is an awesome song to walk it out to!

lashun said...

It's a great album. I love "League of My Own, Caught Up, Crazy, and Kept on Talkin. Middle Finger is alright, it reminds you of "Neva Scared" by Bonecrusher. And I love how Kevin keeps it real in his songs, a lot of rappers don't do that. Overall, I love this album!

Anonymous said...

Gawd I am so happy to read a postitive review. I can't wait to get my copy tomorrow. YEAAAAAAAAAAAh.

Anonymous said...

The songs I've heard are great. I can't wait 2 tomorrow!

Anonymous said...


Today's Guests: Neil Patrick Harris, Kevin Federline, Scary animals, Last minute costume ideas
It's Halloween at the Megan Show! Our set is completely decorated and everyone is in costume! Megan welcomes a big Halloween fan, Neil Patrick Harris, from How I Met Your Mother. Then, it's Mr. Britney Spears himself Kevin Federline! Kevin tells Megan about his guest appearance on CSI, and then performs "Privilege," off his debut album: Playing With Fire.

alyssa said...

what channel is the megan mullaly show on?

Anonymous said...

Channel 4 in Calif.

Anonymous said...

It's ABC.

Anonymous said...

check your local listing

or here on megan's site


Anonymous said...

Wow! I hope he gets a lot more good reviews. I didn't think I would like his music when I first heard about him having a CD come out but its pretty good from what I have heard so far. I can't wait to hear the whole CD tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I think the album is really good, but like the review said some ppl won't say that.

Btw, Megan is on NBC.