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More Video, Pics, and coverage of WWE RAW

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Kevin Federline’s appearance on RAW this past Monday has generated a ton of media coverage. Whether that benefits Federline or WWE more remains to be seen. Yesterday in the States, the Federline-Cena angle they played out on the show was covered by People, ABC News, The New York Post and other publications and outlets, while here in the UK, The Sun also has the angle covered as well as having a video of Cena giving him the FU.


Can K-Fed help Vince's fed?

BY now you probably know that John Cena FU'd the holy crap out of K-Fed on this week's Raw.

It has been covered by entertainment and sports media around the globe - including our own Bizarre column.

And if you missed the beating, or just fancy watching it again, you can see the video exclusively on The Sun by clicking here.

Later on the show, which was taped in global celebrity capital LA, Umaga gave an even stiffer thrashing to Jackass stars Steve-O and Chris Pontius.

Whereas K-Fed only had to take one move, Umaga ran through his whole routine on Steve and Chris.

But is the use of celebs in this way good for business?

The main worry is that the real-life superstars will refuse to sell for or try and show up the "fake" wrestler they're put in the ring with.

Then there is the slippery slope argument. You start with the odd special guest appearance and end up with David Arquette as your world champion, a la WCW.

Luckily for the WWE, Vince Russo - the man who 'masterminded' Arquette's title reign - is now safely working for rival federation TNA.

And the Jackass boys and K-Fed were naturals, especially Kevin who played heel better than a few full-timers we could mention.

As one of America's most mocked men, the husband of Britney Spears and on-screen pal of baddies Johnny Nitro and Melina there was no way K-Fed was ever going to get cheered.

But instead of reacting badly to the boos and 'you sucks' that rained down after he was introduced by Nitro, Kevin played the crowd.

The best moment was when he asked "You all wanna hear me rap?" and the sold-out Staples Centre screamed "No!" right back at him.

K-Fed was even a good sport when John Cena came out and ripped on him "The biggest scumbag on earth", his career "Less talented than Paris Hilton" and even his wife "If Kevin wasn't here I'd be spearing Britney".

John's opponents for Cyber Sunday - ECW and Smackdown champions Big Show and King Booker - were next down the ramp along with Vince McMahon, who announced fans could vote for which title would be on the line at the PPV.

After a face-off Cena was left alone in the ring and noticed: "Hey, K-Fed's still here."

Then came the moment people around the world were pining for as John picked the maligned actor/rapper up on his shoulders and gave him a very painful looking FU.

People may not hate the Jackass lads as much as Federline, but the prolonged punishment they took from Umaga was even more impressive and a great way to get the Samoan Bulldozer over without squashing anyone valuable.

We are convinced both celebrity appearances can only help the WWE.

Especially as the mainstream publicity has been immense.

There are few places in the British media you can hear about wrestling and it is always on dedicated pages like this one.

So to crossover into columns like Bizarre is a huge coup and should give a jolt for lapsed fans to take another look.

It also gives the sense that anything can happen on Raw.

People will refuse to tune in again to see a K-Fed v Cena feud - but they may just switch on to see what next week's surprise is.

And when Raw is repeated in the UK, anyone watching for the celeb crushings will also see a pretty good show.

It started off with Edge and Randy Orton trying to parody D-Generation X, but old pros Triple H and Shawn Michaels outdid them.

When DX asked the LA audience "Do you people think they're jokes?" the "Yes!" that came back was almost as strong as the "No!" to stop K-Fed rapping.

Their follow-up digs at the size of Edge's manhood and the gay community's love for Orton were childish but still very funny.

Triple H then beat Orton in a strong main event, after Edge and Lita's interference backfired allowing Hunter to lay Randy out with a chair.

Cryme Tyme also debuted on Raw, beating Spirit Squad in a non-title match, and there was a cracking intercontinental title four-way between Jeff Hardy, Super Crazy, Shelton Benjamin and Chris Masters.

As you might imagine Shelton carried much of the action, at one point springboarding off the top rope to break Chris's Masterlock on Crazy.

The finish was classic Jeff Hardy.

The IC champ performed a Whisper In The Wind on Benjamin and back-dropped Crazy over the top so he landed on him. Jeff then hit the Twist Of Fate and Swanton Bomb on Masters to retain the gold.

This match was the definite highlight of the night.

But while we would take a Jeff Hardy Swanton over an appearance from Mr Britney Spears any day - we are more than happy to have both in a WWE that wants to appeal to everyone.


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