Monday, October 30, 2006

Kevin on the Megan Mullally Show tomorrow!

It's Halloween at the Megan Show! Our set is completely decorated and everyone is in costume! Megan welcomes a big Halloween fan, Neil Patrick Harris, from How I Met Your Mother. Then, it's Mr. Britney Spears himself… Kevin Federline! Kevin tells Megan about his guest appearance on CSI, and then performs "Privilege," off his debut album: Playing With Fire. In honor of the holiday, some very scary animals drop by the set. And, for those procrastinators, Robyn Moreno from Woman's Day has last minute costume ideas for kids.



Anonymous said...

I will have to get my recorder ready.

alyssa said...

just saw a preview of the show on shows about second of kevins performance and interview. when he performs privliage the backup dancers are in costume, bosko is in a mask and kevins wearing a black cape.

Anonymous said...

Just a note, the man in the costume holding Kfed's CD and said he is his biggest fan is actually Megan Mullally's real life husband!

Ah, I adore Megan. <3