Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Kevin is interviewed by AOL

AOL Videos
... then search for "Kevin Federline" for more videos.

Kevin talks about each track on his album, his inpirations, his tour, future collaborations and plans, WWE and CSI, and more.


Anonymous said...

can you post it on sendspace???

Alyssa said...

those were great commentary. the only thing i hated was that they were all single video and only lasted less than a min.

Anonymous said...

Where are the other videos? I just seen one and I went to "more videos on this artist)

Riley said...

You have to go to the AOL Video main page and search for Kevin Federline.

Nice videos. It would've been better if it was just one combined video. After listening to him talk about his songs I really want to hear them, especially Crazy with Britney.

Anonymous said...

I found it, I love how he talks about the songs, wish they were longer, but it better than nothing, lol.