Sunday, October 29, 2006

Kevin and Britney in People magazine

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Anonymous said...

Aww, his first big SOLO People article. I'm really proud of Kevin. Watching him these last 2 months has been very interesting. At the beginning of his relationship with Britney, I had doubts that he would ever be able to have his own life, do his own thing. But it's been great to see him do interviews by himself on Ellen and Tyra, to appear on Jay Leno by himself, to land his own spot on CSI, and go on red carpets by himself. I know this sounds silly, but before it was always "Britney and her back-up dancer husband". Now he's out there, and making a bit of noise all on his own. That must feel so good to him after all the loser/nobody crap he's put up with. Plus, when Britney does come back 100%, then Kevin can always go back to being the one in the background, and it won't feel like he never got a chance to do anything else.

Anonymous said...

^ I agree. Go K-Fed. I commend him for giving it a shot and I do hope he does well. After all we only live once why not shoot for the moon. How can we succeed if we are afraid to fail. So what if he had doors open for him alot of people do but in the end it will have to be him and him alone that keep them open. I wish him the best.

Anonymous said...

I never had a doubt he would be able to go out and do his thing, to me he seem like a hard-working, determine and ambitous person, and I'm proud of the way he has held his own through all the critism, and Britney has really done her part stepping back and letting him do his thing, while at the same time giving her support, she could have been selfish and want the spotlight for herself, but she has shown she's willing to do what she can to help him, I'm sure she has given him advice on the whole business, that's good.
A guest-role on 'CSI'
His own label
I'm very happy for him, this can only benefit him and his family in the long run and I wish him all the very best both personally and professionallly.


Anonymous said...

^ I agree although so many people fail to see the good in him. Sure he has some baggage in his life but Hey! who doesn't.

I also wish him the Best.

Anonymous said...

Kevin is that really you posing as this Kelly person? With all the incorrect spelling and grammatical errors I am inclined to believe it is you.