Thursday, October 26, 2006

Except from Entertainment Weekly interview

The world may not yet know that Kevin Federline is a major star — but he seems quite convinced of it.

The aspiring rapper recently told Entertainment Weekly that he’s the “most talked-about [person] of anyone over the last couple of years.”

The revelation came when the mag gave K-Fed a personality test, and among the other tidbits that he shared with readers is that he’s no longer embarrassed to buy feminine-hygiene products for his wife.

“I used to be embarrassed to go to the store and buy tampons, but that’s all past tense,” Federline told EW. “Once you make it through that, then you’re good.”

When asked to name the most underrated performer in his field, K-Fed paused for about 12 seconds then replied: “Me.”



Anonymous said...

I think that's an old interview they're trying to past off as new, I remember reading that in another mag interview that he did .


Anonymous said...

EW just posted the entire Q&A with Kevin on its site. Check it out! It's a really good interview.