Sunday, October 08, 2006

'CSI' Busts K-Fed

GIVE Kevin Federline a break. The folks over at “CSI” have - they’ve cast Britney Spears’s husband in his first acting gig ever.

In Thursday’s episode, Federline plays a street kid who shows up at a crime scene and talks trash to investigators Warrick Brown (Gary Dourdan) and Nick Stokes (George Eads) while they collect evidence.

Although details about the budding rapper’s role are shrouded in mystery, CBS revealed that the part was written with him in mind.

“CSI” co-producer and episode writer Dustin Lee Abraham says that he was inspired by a video clip in which Federline adroitly handled the paparazzi. When they were shouting questions such as “How’s Britney doing?” and “Are you and Britney breaking up?,” he coolly replied, “Just take pictures.”

“I thought that was so ****y,” says Abraham, a Sin City native. “There’s a confidence about him that I thought went well with the character [I was writing].

“I just kept thinking ‘Kevin Federline.’ Even in my [character] description, I put ‘K-Fed style.’ So I started thinking, ‘Well, screw it, if I think I’m seeing K-Fed here, why don’t I try and get him?’”

Federline jumped when the role was offered to him this summer.

“The character was perfect,” Federline told the Post from his home recording studio in Malibu. “Plus, I’m a fan. I don’t get too much time to watch TV, but I always seem to catch the reruns of ‘CSI.’”

So, what’s it like for a fan to actually be on the set?

“It was crazy,” says Federline, 28. He was visited on set by his wife and their son, Sean Preston. “You look out of your trailer and see people that look like zombies, walking around with their body parts all exposed. I was like, ‘Wow, some of these people look like they just got beat down big time.’

“My first reaction was that I want to hire the guys that are doing the prosthetics to get me up for Halloween. That’d be perfect.”

Although Federline has lots of on-camera experience - from his dancer days and, no doubt, being a paparazzi target since his 2004 marriage to the pop princess - he admits that rehearsals for his first scene were “nerve-wracking.”

“The run-throughs where I was provoking the cops were the only part that I was really nervous doing. I kind of felt put on the spot - there was a crowd in the scene and it was the first time that I was actually acting,” says Federline.

When it came to stunt work, Federline turned to his cast mates for help.

‘George [Eads] gave me pointers on how to take a hit,” he recalls. “They put a little pad on you and you take a punch, but it’s nothing. I always said that if I was going to get into acting, I’d definitely want it to be action - save that drama stuff, I can’t do it.”

Another thing Federline can’t do is watch “Grey’s Anatomy.” He says that the Federline household is a “CSI” family, all the way. While he may not be able to watch his episode when it airs, since he’s hitting the road to promote his debut album, “Playing With Fire,” he’s definitely going to TiVo it.

“I’ve gotta support ‘CSI,’” says Federline. “It was a good experience for me. I hope people like it, and don’t hate on it just ’cause it’s Kevin Federline.”

CSI, Thursday, 9 p.m., CBS

- New York Post


Anonymous said...

Good Luck K-Fed on your CD release and I certainly will catch your acting debut.

Riley said...

I love CSI and I'll be definetly watching on Thursday. I hope people actually give him a chance and not hate on his performance just because it's him. Good Luck Kev!

Anonymous said...

Aww, he's so cute.

When they were shouting questions such as “How’s Britney doing?” and “Are you and Britney breaking up?,” he coolly replied, “Just take pictures.”

Anyone possibly have that video?

Anonymous said...

Um, you're kidding, right? So, are the comments written by people who work for him and friends as well as this site??? Seriously, it will be an odd day when I actually meet a K-Fed fan in the flesh, considering every walking, breathing bi-ped I've ever met absolutely detests him.

Anonymous said...


Riley said...

To anonymous I think you know a K-Fed fan very well because you see them every time you look in the mirror. You claim to hate him, but you're on a fan site dedicated to him where you not only read about him but you actually take the time to post about him too. You probably come here every day to see if there is any new news about Kevin.

Anonymous said...

that episode was great! i love the show and i love K-Fed