Saturday, September 16, 2006

New baby's name: Sutton Pierce Federline

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have named their newborn son Sutton Pierce Federline, sources close to the couple tell PEOPLE.

The infant, born Tuesday at a Los Angeles hospital, now has the same initials as his big brother, Sean Preston Federline.

The boys also (almost) share a birthday – Sean Preston turned 1 on Thursday, just two days after his brother was born.

Sutton Pierce has two half-siblings as well: sister Kori, 4, and brother Kaleb, 2, his dad's kids with actress Shar Jackson.

A rep for Spears declined to comment.


Sutton means "The Town to the South" and is of English origins.
Pierce means "A Rock" and is of French origins.


Britney Spears and Kevin Federline may have found a way to save money on monogramming.

The couple has dubbed their second son, born Tuesday, Sutton Pierce, reports said. The name bears the same initial combo as that of eldest child Sean Preston, who turned 1 on Thursday.

The gossip site appears to have first advanced the Sutton Pierce theory on Wednesday. People seconded it on Friday, sourcing S.P. 2.0 to "sources close to the couple."

Spears' camp hasn't confirmed the name. It hasn't confirmed the birth, either. It possibly is tied up with work on Spears' official Website, which began a reconstruction effort this week and was inactive but for an apparent homepage homage to Michael Jackson's "Black and White" video--a growling tiger that morphs into a growling Spears and vice versa.

Spears, 24, gave birth to the baby who could be Sutton Pierce early Tuesday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. She was admitted to the hospital after experiencing discomfort Monday, ultimately undergoing a Cesarian section four days earlier than scheduled.

According to various baby-name Websites, Sutton is a name of English origin used for both boys and girls, and meaning "the town to the South."

Spears hails from the Southern state of Louisiana. Federline, her 28-year-old husband, hails from Fresno, a California city south of Chowchilla.


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Greg said...

Sutton Pierce ...hmmm, well it wouldn't have been my first choice but it's growing on me. Preston and Sutton, or Preston and Pierce is kind of cute. Best wishes to the family. :)