Thursday, September 21, 2006

K-Fed's Return To Fashion

LOS ANGELES (September 20, 2006) -- Kevin Federline, aka K-Fed and Mr. Britney Spears, is more than just a rapper, dancer and famous father.

He's also a fashion model.

Federline has been tapped again to be the face of Five Star Vintage clothing, company spokesman Kenneth Loo said Wednesday.

Federline made his modeling debut with the company over the summer. His latest ads, showcasing the company's holiday line, will begin appearing next month.

The company chose Federline again because of his "renegade style," Loo said.

"He is a maverick, making his own choices when it comes to his music, his fashion and his celebrity," Loo said. "He is constantly in the public eye, which makes him a good spokesman for our line."

The ads show Federline wearing sunglasses, a white tank top and two different jackets from the company's holiday line.


Kevin Federline has re-upped his deal to be the face of Five Star Vintage. After the company dubbed his debut in their fall campaign an "overwhelming success," K-Fed has been tapped to front the winter 2006 ad campaign as well. The ads, featuring K-Fed in a black "New York"-emblazoned hooded sweater and a signature track jacket — will debut in magazines next month.


The fashion line's Director of Marketing, Kenneth Loo, says "We had plans to follow up our first advertising campaign with Kevin Federline with another famous face. But the overwhelming success both in terms of sales and brand awareness made using him an easy decision."

Five Star Vintage's new campaign featuring Senor Spears can be seen in the October issues of major fashion/lifestyle magazines.



Anonymous said...

Good for him, things seem to be going his way lately. :)

Anonymous said...

That's so good for him, this brings back that comment that Brit made on that Matt lauer interveiw that things are gonna get better, this is the start, things are really looking up for him and I wish him and his family all the very best.