Saturday, August 19, 2006

Kevin Federline's family

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1. Kaleb (son), Betty Story (grandmother), Tammy Reeves (aunt), Collette Federline (step-mother), Alisha Federline (brother Chris's wife), Nicki Marshall (step-sister) at Britney's baby shower.

2. Mike Federline (father), Coby Bleak (step-father) at wedding

3. Collette Federline (step-mother)

4. Kevin and Chris Federline (brother) at "Lose Control" video shoot

5. Chris Federline (brother) and his wife Alisha Federline (sister-in-law) at wedding

6. Cameron Lee Federline (half-brother) at his graduation

7. Kevin and Julie Bleak (mother) at Cameron's Graduation

8. Diane Story (aunt)

9. Shar Jackson with Donnie, Cassie, Kori (daugher), and Kaleb (son)

10. Kevin with Kori (daughter) and Kaleb (son) at Kaleb's birthday

11. Kevin and Britney (wife)

12. Britney (wife) and Sean Preston (son)

Kevin Earl Federline was born on March 21, 1978 in Fresno, California to Julie Lynn (who worked in a bank) and Michael Jay Federline (an auto mechanic). They had one more son, Chris Federline, before divorcing in the 1980s. Kevin and Chris stayed with their dad, who married his current wife Collette a few years later, bringing her two kids from a previous marriage into the family, Dustin and Nicole Presley (now Nicki Marshall). Kevin's mother, now Julie Bleak, had three more sons and is currently married to Kevin's step-father Coby Bleak. They live in Pendleton, OR, where Kevin and Britney attended Kevin's half-brother Cameron Lee Federline's graduation. Other family members in Pendleton include Kevin's grandmother Betty Story, and his aunt Diane Story who is an author of two romance novels “The Overlanders Bride” and “Bewitching My Love.”

Diane Story spoke with Hot Stuff in May, 2004 to defend Kevin and Britney's relationship. According to Story, Federline's relationship with actress Shar Jackson dissolved long before Spears appeared. "Their romantic relationship had been over before Britney," she says, "but he is giving her money and taking care of his responsibilities."

Kevin has two children with his former girlfriend Shar Jackson, his daughter Kori Jackson Federline (born July 31, 2002), and his son Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline (born July 20, 2004). Shar has two children from a previous relationship, Donnie (born 1993) and Cassie (born 1995). Kevin and Britney married on September 18, 2004 and have a son, Sean Preston Federline (born September 14, 2005).

Source: USA Today,, Hot Stuff,


Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for putting this up. I had no idea about all this, especially that Kevin's aunt was a romance writer. Cool! It really throws out all those white trash rumours you hear about him and Britney. Their backgrounds seem pretty similar: average middle class kids.

Anonymous said...

I think chris looks so much like kevin!!! but they forgot to mention curtis the other brother who I LOOOOOOOOOOVE he is so cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

God, they all DO look like hillbillies. Not that I was expecting anything else, anyways.

Anonymous said...

kevins federlines step dad coby bleak has been cheating on his wife
kevins mother julie bleak for a long time now

Anonymous said...

that's so sad. I hope it's not true that Coby is cheating on Julie- though, did you notice that her son cameron has Federline as a last name- though...that's her ex husbands last name...not Cameron's biological dad's last name (whoever that is)... scandelous!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! guys ALL need to really get a life & quit being SOOOO jealous of others!!!!!!! Julie's the best that Coby will EVER find & HE KNOWS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kevin and Shar's kids aren't even close to being cute. (Oh come on, you know you were thinking it too) Maybe they'll get better looking as they get older, it could happen.
The pic with the fathers in their Pimp Daddy attire was about as funny as a train wreck. Is it ANY wonder the marriage didn't last? Kevin is such a "wigger". Its true, no matter how much money you have, you can't buy class.

Anonymous said...

Aw cool. Nicki is my boyfriend's mom. I feel kinda bad for not believing her when she said kevin's her brother.

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend is friends with kevins step brother. He's known him since elementary school days. We come from the same town as kevin and when I first heard him and Britney spears got together I was like wow good for him steppin' up.

Anonymous said...

Shar looks ok but those kids are beautiful...Brittany is pretty but the son is nothing to awww about maybe he'll grow into it!!!