Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Jonathan "J.R." Rotem talks about Kevin's album

In 2005/2006, 50 cent Dr. Dre, Game, Snoop Dogg, Rihanna, Fabolous, Mobb Deep, Lil Kim, and most of the other top names in the music industry found a new collaborator in producer songwriter Jonathan "J.R" Rotem. His ability to work simultaneously with an A list group of hip hop, pop, and R&B artists is testament to the fresh and innovative perspective J.R. brings to the game.

With three hot singles now in heavy rotation ("SOS" by Rihanna, "Best Friend" by 50 Cent and "Whoa" by Lil Kim), multi-platinum producer, Jonathan "J.R." Rotem's innovative sound is reaching critical mass!

From yoraps.com -
July 23, 2006:

What is Kevin Federline’s new material like, can he really rap?

I’ve also worked with him a lot. I met him when I was working with Britney, he’s such a warm guy and we became friends and hanging out. He was playing me his stuff and I could tell that he was really stepping it up and being focused. I really wanted to put my hands on the project and we came up with some great stuff. One track we did is on his Myspace, America’s Most Hated. I think his album is almost ready for release.

What does Britney think?

I think she really likes it. I don’t speak about them on a personal level but she definitely thinks it’s cool.

From mtv.com - May 15, 2006:

But because she [Britney] has a home studio, not only does she have the benefit of working "at home in my sweatpants," she also can work whenever the mood strikes her — as can her husband, Kevin Federline, who's also working with Rotem ("America's Most Hated" was one of their creations).

"He played me some stuff that sounded a lot hotter than what most people would think," Rotem said of K-Fed. "Right off the bat, you're at a disadvantage being a white rapper. And being a white rapper who's Britney Spears' husband? You're tackling credibility issues. He's aware of that, but he's really putting his heart and soul into the project. People were suspicious, but when they heard the song, they were like, 'He sounds good on it. Let's see where he takes us.' "

Source: yoraps.com, mtv.com

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