Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Fatherhood a financial incentive for Kevin?

The former backup dancer is expecting his second child with wife Britney Spears (he has two others with a former girlfriend) but a source says K-Fed might have more reason than many to celebrate the pitter patter of little feet.

“Before he got married, Kevin was sitting down with lawyers, discussing legal and financial issues,” says a source. “He was sitting sort of slumped over with a baseball cap over his eyes and a lawyer was talking about how he had to sign a pre-nup and Kevin looked sort of bummed out. But then the lawyer explained that for every child the two of you have together, you would receive X amount of dollars. His eyes really lit up.”
Source: MSNBC


Anonymous said...

Yeah right, cuz this person was sitting in the room with them, and that's why they know that!!

Riley said...

If this is true why is it just coming out now, two years after they got married? They could've brought this up last year when Sean was born if this was true. I wonder if this coming out now has anything to do with the fact that his first tv performance is on Sunday?