Friday, August 25, 2006

eBay: Kevin's corndog and Britney's sandwich

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How did I get them?
I work part time at a fancy schmancy hotel downtown. I work with the caterers serving at private and public functions. Sometimes I'm working conferences, sit down meals, in the restaurant, etc. Wherever they need me I fill in spots. A couple of months ago I was working a private music industry event with about 40 tables. Execs, some artists, label people, all those kinds of people. My section had Britney Spears and Kevin Federline. In situations like this, we're expected to do the usual catering thing, pick up plates after they are done, bring water and wine, pretty much just do anything that they need without talking their ear off or getting in celebrities faces. It does not however say anything about how I am supposed to discard their food when they have me pick up their leftovers.

That night there was a big buffet style dinner where everyone could go up and grab whatever they liked. Everything from 4 star style entrees to deep fried goodness. As you can see, they weren't eating high class that night.

The Sandwich
The sandwich is an egg salad sandwich with tomato and lettuce on wheat bread. Britney ate the other half, and had a few bites of this half before being done with it. The sandwich compressed a bit during the vacuum sealing, but it's all there. A sandwich that was eaten by Britney Spears

The Corndog
Kevin Federline had a few things to eat that night, but the only leftover item I managed to pick up from him was this corn dog. Kevin had two bites of the corndog and then set it down. Later I went to clear their plates with it, and as I was picking up the plate Britney picked it up really quick giggled and said "I can't let that go to waste" and quickly took a big bite off of the stick end of the corn dog. I was still standing there holding the plate, not quite sure what to do because Britney Spears was stealing corn dogs off the plate I was pulling away. She finished her bite and put it back on the plate I was holding and said "thanks!".

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Anonymous said...

oh uve gotta be kidding me with this. haha

lashun said...

That's gross.

Riley said...

What exactly would someone do with that if they bought it? I'm surprised that one of Sean's dirty diapers hasn't turned up on eBay yet.

SexyKellyblue said...

EWW EWW EWW, that is just gross, love Kev, love Brit, but don't want their leftover

Anonymous said...

how do u not fully finish a corndog anyway? lol